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Pre-clinical research outsourcing services

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Medicilon is a company engaged in pre-clinical research outsourcing services (CRO). It specializes in providing customers with customizable pre-clinical test service programs. It has more than ten years of experience in research and development technology, and has accumulated experience in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, professional knowledge in pharmacodynamics research and toxicology. Provide you with high-quality data and fast turnaround time to support various drug development, preclinical research and clinical research. Help you select high-value drug candidates for the clinical application stage. Medicilon’s preclinical research services include three major components: pharmacokinetics, animal models of disease transplantation, and drug safety evaluation. Covers all aspects: scheme design, in vivo research, sample analysis, professional data analysis, IACUC review, etc., as well as the preparation of application materials.

Preclinical research services

Quick experiment startup, flexible experiment design will help you make faster decisions and reduce your research expenditure!

Pre-clinical research outsourcing services


Pharmacology Service (Animal Model)

Drug Safety Evaluation

Perfect preclinical research laboratory

Medicilon has 30,000 square meters of research and development laboratories and professional equipment, which has passed the International Laboratory Animal Evaluation and Accreditation (AAALAC), and has reached the GLP standards of the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and the China Food and Drug Administration CFDA The pre-clinical safety assessment complies with the European Economic Cooperation Development Organization (OECD) GLP specification.

Certification authority:

Medicilon’s preclinical research is a CRO company that provides preclinical animal trials for the international community. It has been recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Government as an important new drug development platform and a professional technical service platform for the safety evaluation of non-human primates in Shanghai biotechnology drugs, Non-human primate experimental research technical service platform, isotope drug metabolism research professional technical service platform.

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