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Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Study Service

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Applying progressive platforms to your development program will help you make informed decisions faster.  Medicilon continues to invest in the latest technologies and philosophies so you have access to innovative solutions utilizing automation, high resolution accurate mass spectrometers.

Preclinical Pharmacokinetic Study 

Pharmacokinetics Studies play a crucial role in the development of molecule. Toward that end, our cross functional team applies drug metabolism data across multiple facets of your program.

With one of the largest CRO services team in the world, Medicilon continues to explore new horizons and reveal opportunities for your development program. Our dedicated lab facilities at five sites across three continents offer you the flexibility and capacity for any study need.

Predict the metabolism and PK of your drug candidate in humans with flexible study designs incorporating in-life and/or analytical support. Our fast study starts, established in-house colonies and efficient study execution provide you a cost effective solution.

Our pharmacokinetics department offers the clients a broad spectrum of high quality of services. We provide the services in the areas of in vitro ADME, in vivo pharmacokinetics and bio analysis services, ranging from small molecules to large molecules, such as protein and antibody. The animal species involved in our services are non-human primates, canines, mice, rats, rabbits and hamsters. Meanwhile, non-human primate experimental platform and isotope platform for protein/antibody are certified by the Shanghai government.

Medicilon’s Pharmacology department functions in accordance with the needs of our customers for a variety of effective animal models used to detect drug effectiveness. We offer non-human primates, dogs, mice and rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and others in our services. At present, we have various proven effective animal models. Furthermore, our experienced staffs operate with strong theoretical basis.  We offer the services which are flexible for custom development of various types of models to meet the requirements of our clients.

From sponsors evaluations (Selected)

“The results of an intensive three days audit onsite of GLP systems and procedures, as well as site and personnel, operating systems and procedures, and raw data and final report from one non-GLP study lead to the conclusion that Medicilon is qualified and capable of conducting non-GLP studies in compliance with the US FDA GLP’s. The personal who participated with the audit were knowledgeable and professional.”

Contact Us 

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Tel : +86 021 58591500

Tips:  Above is part of preclinical pharmacokinetic study service.  You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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