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Protein Kinase Assay Services

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Protein kinases are a group of enzymes with basic biochemical functions that phosphorylate other proteins. Protein kinases represent the most important class of cellular proteins. As the main component of cell signal transduction pathways, the activity of kinases usually controls the activity of “effector” proteins, which in turn affects the spectrum of cell gene expression. The kinase signaling pathway plays a major role in regulating cell proliferation, cell metabolism and cell death. Studies have shown that changes in the activity of protein kinases in cells can lead to a variety of disease states, most notably cancer. With this knowledge base, scientists have been studying the ability of drugs to block various protein kinases as cancer treatments. In addition to participating in cancer, protein kinases are also associated with diabetes,

Our Discovery Biology department offers services supporting structure-based drug discovery from determination of novel targets to final structures. Our platform is one of the earliest established structural biology platforms in China and has been certified by the Shanghai Government.

Kinase testing

Medicilon provides kinase testing and kinase screening services to our customers. Our talented scientists with decades of experience in kinase detection will provide unparalleled expertise to help you discover kinase drugs. In addition, we can also provide a wide range of options to save your time and cost for your exploration plan.

Kinase testing services include:

– Biochemical kinase detection
– Kinase antibody and immunoassay
– Screening and analysis services
– Cell kinase and phosphatase pathway detection

Biochemical analysis

Technology Platform

  –Fluorescence: Lance; Letter screen; Z’-LYTE; HTRF, TR-FRET, FP, etc.
  – Luminescence: Kinase-Glo; ADP-Glo etc.
  -Absorbance: UV; six


Kinase assay:VEGFR2 I

激酶检测 VEGFR2 I


Protease assay: Renin inhibition using FRET

蛋白酶测定:使用 FRET 抑制肾素

Cell kinase phosphorylation analysis

To complement our existing biochemical testing platform, we implemented cell kinase testing. These assays allow confirmation of inhibitor activity in the relevant cellular context and analysis of their selectivity to multiple signaling pathways.

Cell kinase phosphorylation analysis

The cell kinase phosphorylation assay was developed using the AlphaScreen® Surefire® detection kit. These assays are optimized to measure kinase activation directly after treating cells with signal pathway activators.

Cell tyrosine kinase receptor activity assay

We have demonstrated that impedance-based techniques can be used to monitor the activity of the major tyrosine kinase receptor family. These label-free analyses allow the identification of inhibitors that target the ligand binding domain or kinase domain. These tests can be developed in almost any cancer cell line or primary cell.

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Tip: The above is a part of protein kinase assay, kinase activity assay and in vitro kinase assay. You can also contact us for any questions or inquiries you may have. We are happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate action plan.

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