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Protein Separation and Purification Technology Service Company

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Medicilon Protein Separation and Purification Technology Service

Sample preparation: According to customer requirements, help customers get more than 98% of samples;

Preparation process design: According to customer requirements, provide protein separation and purification services from small trials to large-scale production, and customize suitable processes and systems to customers according to process requirements and product characteristics;
Protein separation service: According to customer requirements, to undertake the purification and separation of compounds from mg to kg;
Impurity enrichment/separation: assist customers to separate trace and trace impurities in APIs or other compounds, cooperate with Shanghai Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley Public Service Platform to provide a full set of compound separation and structure identification reports

Common methods of protein separation and purification

  1. Precipitation; salting-out method, organic solvent precipitation method, protein precipitation agent, polyethylene glycol precipitation, selective precipitation method

  2. Electrophoresis: The protein is charged in the solution above or below its isoelectric point, and can move to the positive or negative electrode of the electric field in the electric field. Depending on the support, there are thin film electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis, etc.

  3. Dialysis: A method of separating large molecular proteins from small molecular compounds using dialysis bags.

  4. Chromatography: a. Ion exchange chromatography, which utilizes the amphoteric free nature of proteins. At a certain pH, the charge and properties of each protein are different, so it can be separated by ion exchange chromatography. Like anion exchange chromatography, proteins with a small amount of negative charge are eluted first. b. Molecular sieve, also known as gel filtration. Small molecular proteins enter the pores for a long time, and large molecular proteins cannot enter the pores and flow out.

  5. Ultracentrifugation: It can be used to separate and purify proteins or to determine the molecular weight of proteins. Different proteins have different densities and morphologies and are separated.

Scope of protein separation and purification services

  1. Separation, purification and concentration of chemical substances;

  2. Concentration and desalination of dyes and dye intermediates

  3. Product recovery during the production of ultrafine powder;

  4. Purification and reuse of useful substances in production wastewater;

  5. Concentration and purification of marine biological extracts;

  6. Concentration and purification of amino acids and proteins.

protein separation and purification services

Protein separation and purification

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