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Single Cell Western Blot

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A new approach to study protein expression on a cell-by-cell basis.

Almost all cells studied in vitro and in vivo, including stem cells and cancer cells, do not represent a homogenous population but are inherently heterogeneous at a molecular level.

The biological department of Shanghai Medicilon has extensive experience in the field of in vitro biology, through enzyme level measurement, cell level measurement, cell biology, biochemistry, in vitro isotope measurement, stable cell line establishment, gene knockout, RNAi and MicroRNA Technology, etc., to provide a complete set of biological services.

single cell western blot
This determines cellular identity, location and function within a tissue, organ and ultimately an organism. Advances in single-cell analysis techniques are making it possible to study the transcriptional profile and protein expression of a single cell within this heterogeneous population.

Single-cell proteomics have thus far been dependent on immunoassays like immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry, which rely heavily on antibody specificity and proper controls. As a result, these techniques can suffer from misinterpretation.

Single Cell Western Blot

The western blot immunoassay avoids these issues by separating proteins based on molecular weight. Yet, the output of traditional western blot represents an average of all cells within the tested sample, and single-cell western analysis is not possible.

  • Flow Cytometry (up to 15 proteins simultaneously, profiling of pathways in single cells, analysis of kinases and phosphatases)

  • Microfluidic Flow Cytometry

  • Mass Cytometry

  • Mass Spectrometry Based Single-Cell Protein Analysis

Single-cell protein analysis techniques lack of resolution, sensitivity or specificity.

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