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The Latest TOP10 Ranking of Global CRO Companies

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Former Fierce Markets writer and current independent writer Arsalan Arif recently published the latest top 10 global CRO companies in 2016. Let me share with you here that the ranking is based on market value to find the largest contract research organizaitons. The data source is mainly based on the financial reports of listed companies, while the unlisted companies are estimated by reliable information sources (unit: billion US dollars).   Since the founding of our company in 2004,  Medicilon has grown into one of the professional drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China. 

Medicilon has more than 10 years of experience in recombinant protein expression and purification services. Medicilon Biology Department has a variety of protein expression synergies, including prokaryotic protein expression system, yeast protein expression system, insect cell protein expression system (rod-shaped Virus) Mammalian cell protein expression system, with a variety of fusion technologies, can provide you with a variety of options in protein expression and purification. From scheme design, gene optimization, expression condition optimization to purification technology system, to improve your target protein expression level. Contact us:

CRO Value Market Ranking
Global CRO Value Market Ranking

Quintiles has undoubtedly continued to rank No. 1 in the market value ranking of CRO companies. Dennis Gillings co-founded Quintiles with several other partners in 1982. Quintiles has since been involved in clinical trials of pharmaceutical companies. With expertise and expertise in clinical trials, business capabilities surpassed employers, and soon became one of the few CRO companies in the world, until now Quintiles is still the world’s largest CROs.

After the CRO industry has undergone a series of integrations, many small companies have merged into large CROs. The gap between companies has gradually narrowed and industry competition has become increasingly fierce. The areas covered by the entire CRO industry service are also expanding. From candidate compounds, to early clinical trials, to the final market promotion, CRO companies participate in the entire process. As the entire industry continues to evolve, many outstanding companies have come to the fore, including PPD, Parexel, Icon, PRA Health Sciences, Covance, INC Research / inVentiv Health, and local company Wuxi AppTec (Wuxi).

In order to keep itself in an invincible position in the fierce competition, strengthen the integration with cross-fields, especially highlight the strategic position of data resources, last year, Quintiles and IMS Health completed the merger, IMS Health is the world’s largest CRO of doctor prescription data , Also provides drug pricing and market services for pharmaceutical companies.

Another way to strengthen itself is through synergies between peers, including LabCorp’s acquisition of Covance, and the merger of INC and inVentiv Health.

This time, the CRO companies are ranked from the perspective of market capitalization. Both the market capitalization data and the number of employees are derived from corporate documents/financial reports, and the deadline is set on August 30. The two companies ranked 10th, which is for reference by the original author. The conclusion reached after the opinions of industry professionals.


Market value: $20.7 billion

2016 revenue: $5.4 billion

Number of employees: 50,000

CEO: Ari Bousbib



Market value: $15.66 billion

2016 LabCorp revenue: $6.6 billion

Covance in 2016: $2.8 billion

Number of LabCorp employees: 36,000

Number of Covance employees: 16,000

LabCorp CEO: David King

Covance CEO: John Ratliff


Estimated value: 9.05 billion US dollars

Number of employees: 19,000

CEO: David Simmons



Market value: $6.08 billion

2016 revenue: $1.7 billion

Number of employees: 12,500

CEO: Steve Cutler

INC Research/inVentiv Health

INC Research/inVentiv Health

Market value: $6.04 billion

2016 revenue: $2.1 billion

Number of employees: 22,000

CEO: Alistair Macdonald

PRA Health Sciences

PRA Health Sciences

Market value: $4.8 billion

2016 revenue: $1.8 billion

Number of employees: 13,000

CEO: Colin Shannon



Market value: $4.5 billion

2016 revenue: $2.1 billion

Number of employees: 18,900

CEO: Josef von Rickenbach



Estimated value: 1.4 billion US dollars

CEO: John Hubbard



Market value: $1.2 billion

2016 revenue: $371 million

Number of employees: 2,500

CEO: August Troendle

Premier Research

Premier Research

CEO: Ludo Reynders

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials

CEO: Neal Cutler

Reference source: The top10 biopharma CROs in the world—mid-2017 edition

Original Title: Global TOP10 CROs (2017 Mid Edition)

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