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The Scale of the Drug Discovery CRO Industry Continues to Grow

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The development of new drugs is booming, and drug discovery determines the success or failure of drug development.

The research and development of new drugs is the source of innovation in the global pharmaceutical industry and is of great significance to human health and life safety. In 2019, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), a subsidiary of the US FDA, approved a total of 48 new drugs, including 37 new drug applications (NDA) and 11 biological product manufacturing license applications (BLA). Although in the past few years, the number of new drug approvals has been considerable, there are still no effective treatments for many fatal rare diseases. Because the drug discovery stage is in the early stage of drug development, it is very important for the success of new drug development. The global drug discovery market is currently booming. In 2017, the global drug discovery market invested US$50.4 billion (including drug discovery CRO 10.2 billion). According to Frost&Sullivan’s forecast, the global drug discovery market will reach 71.6 billion US dollars in 2022 (including drug discovery CRO 15.6 billion). USD), CAGR growth is expected to reach 7.3%. The Chinese market reached US$1.1 billion (including drug discovery CRO US$137 million) in 2017. Frost&Sullivan predicts that the scale will grow to US$3.9 billion (including drug discovery CRO US$485 million) in 2022, and the CAGR growth is expected to reach 28.8%.

drug development

New technologies and new molecular types enhance the efficiency of drug discovery.

With the in-depth development of drug research, the discovery of new molecular entities (NMEs) has become more and more difficult, resulting in a slowdown in the listing of new molecular entities. However, with the advancement of high-throughput screening technologies and a new generation of drug discovery technologies ( Such as SBDD technology, FBDD technology, DEL technology, etc.) and the application of new molecules (PROTAC and covalent molecular inhibitors) have promoted the improvement of the research and development efficiency of new molecular entities (NMEs). New molecular entities (NMEs) have been approved. The number began to pick up again.

Drug discovery CRO empowers pharmaceutical companies to discover new drugs.

1) The new drug discovery CRO has more IP attributes: the new screening service CRO platform focuses on compound screening and optimization services with its own technical advantages. This part of the service involves more core patents in the entire drug development industry chain such as new compound molecules, new The structure, etc., has more IP attributes. The IP attributes of the original screening technology platform give CRO companies stronger bargaining power.

2) Drug discovery CRO is actively deploying multiple technologies: drug discovery is actively deploying, moving towards platformization, and achieving better empowerment, such as the combined use of DEL and PROTAC to screen for difficult drug targets, DEL combined with SBDD and FBDD for joint screening, The use of PROTAC technology to develop covalent bond molecules and new inhibitors should wait.

3) Drug discovery CRO has a platform-based development trend: As an enabler of new drug research and development, CRO has a wide range of new technologies, new structures (raw materials), experienced synthesis technicians, integrated platforms, and more and more drug discovery CROs Carry out the follow-up capacity layout of drug screening and find new growth points for itself. 4) Coexistence of multiple business models: In the field of drug research and development, small-scale Biotech plays an increasingly important role. Due to its limited resources, small-scale Biotech is willing to take up part of the shares or benefit from future drug listings to cooperate with drug discovery CROs. After the drug is marketed, the benefits are huge, which is a considerable income for the CRO company. For platform-based CRO companies, the preliminary screening is the later diversion, which will bring huge business volume and increase the stickiness with customers.

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