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Accurate model, holding the key to unlocking the treatment of autoimmune diseases

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Autoimmune diseases are a general term for a group of diseases, including more than 100 common and rare diseases, which can affect many organs of the human body such as brain, heart, nerves, bones, intestines, skin and so on. At present, the medical needs of autoimmune diseases at home and abroad are far from being met. For Chinese market alone, in 2020, the number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and ulcerative colitis in China reached 5.96 million, 1.04 million and 430,000 respectively.
DiseaseMajor organs involvedClinical manifestations
Rheumatoid arthritisJoints and other tissues, such as lung, nerve, skin, and heart tissueVarious symptoms, including fever, fatigue, joint pain, joint stiffness, joint deformation, shortness of breath, loss of sensation, weakness, rash, chest pain, and tendon swelling
Systemic lupus erythematosusJoints, kidneys, skin, lungs, heart, brain, and blood cellsArthritis, but not joint deformities; symptoms of anemia may occur; rash may occur; hair loss common
IBD nonspecific enteritisgastrointestinal tractCrohn's disease, ulcerative colitis
PsoriasisSkin, scalp, joints, etc.Scaly erythema or plates; swollen and painful joints; Moderate to severe patients have metabolic synthesis; Increased risk of cardiovascular diseaseincreased risk of cardiovascular disease
With the deepening of research, more and more inflammatory factors and their signaling pathways have been discovered, which involve a variety of different diseases and may become the key to unlock the door to cure autoimmune diseases. JAKs (Janus Kinases) have been found to be necessary signal transduction mediators for many downstream inflammatory cytokines.  JAKs are a series of non-receptor tyrosine kinases, including JAK1, JAK2, TYK2 and JAK3. Ligand-induced receptor aggregation activates JAKs, and the activated JAKs can phosphorylate the receptor, which in turn activates another STAT protein. JAKs and STATs are important components of many cytokine receptor systems and are an intracellular signal transduction pathway closely related to inflammatory cytokines.

JAKs and STATs are important components of many cytokine receptor systems.png

In many autoimmune diseases, interleukin-6 (IL-6) is closely related to the JAK-STAT signaling pathway, and its signal transduction is mediated through the JAK/STAT pathway. Monoclonal antibodies targeting IL-6 have achieved good results in the clinical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, confirming the importance of JAK-dependent cytokines in immune pathogenesis.
Facing such a large patient group and unmet medical needs, Medicilon, like its medical peers, is also moving forward to overcome various autoimmune diseases, and is committed to developing safer and more effective treatments, bringing hope to millions of disease-afflicted patients. Only in 2021, Medicilon help to develop and successfully advance clinical trials of 11 autoimmune disease drug and therapy projects. Its indications include IBD (intestinal autoimmune disease), rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis disease, atopic dermatitis, etc.
We have constructed a variety of mature animal models of autoimmune diseases, which can comprehensively reflect and evaluate the pathological and pharmacodynamic characteristics of various diseases, especially experienced of the pharmacodynamic evaluation ofcurrent popular JAKs inhibitors.

1 Rheumatoid arthritis,RA

Medicilon-induced model.jpgPlasma-related cytokine expression.jpgMedicilon's other arthritis models.jpg

2 Allergic encephalomyelitis model

Allergic encephalomyelitis model.png

3 Psoriasis

The types of modeling models used by Medicilon to simulate psoriasis.jpgSkin thickness.jpgSkin Comprehensive Score.jpgskin pathology score.jpg

Psoriasis-like skin lesions induced by imiquimod in mice.jpg

Psoriasis-like skin lesions induced by imiquimod in miceIL - 23 sample mice auricle psoriatic skin changes.jpgIL - 23 sample mice auricle psoriatic skin changes

4 Atopic dermatitis, AD

Related disease models established by Medicilon include.jpg

skin score of DNFB-induced chronic atopic dermatitis in mice.jpgDNFB-induced chronic atopic dermatitis in miceskin thickness of DNFB-induced chronic atopic dermatitis in mice.jpg

DNFB-induced chronic atopic dermatitis in mice

Data Results of Medicilon's Testing.jpgTPA-induced acute atopic dermatitis model in mice.jpg

5 Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD

Medicilon's model of inflammatory bowel disease.jpgTNBS-induced IBD in rats.jpgTNBS-induced IBD in rats

DSS-induced IBD in rats.jpgDSS-induced IBD in rats

About Medicilon
Since the founding of our company in 2004, Medicilon (Stock Code: 688202.SH) has grown into one of the professional drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China.  Over the years, Medicilon keeps improving their services in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.  Their services now span across medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, in vitro and in vivo DMPK, preclinical development and bioanalytical support.  Medicilon grows together with the clients and delivers the new drug research and development services to more than 900 clients globally.  Medicilon is proud to contribute to human health in the globe.
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