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Clinicopathological Study

Clinicopathological Study

Medicilon's Clinicopathology Laboratory is a GLP-based medical laboratory affiliated to the Pathology Research Department. The laboratory is mainly responsible for various items including animal biochemistry, hematology, coagulation, urine analysis, microscopic examination of urine sediment, lymphocyte typing, in vitro hemolysis, microscopic examination of marrow smear and animal physical examination, aiming to provide accurate and scientific inspection basis for animal experiments. The laboratory has participated in the room quality assessment by Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory and been awarded certificates for three consecutive years with every item qualified.
Our Clinicopathology Laboratory is equipped with advanced detection instruments and available for various tests involving blood and body fluids of various animal species, thus providing clients with comprehensive safety evaluation data support.
Medicilon diamond icon.pngThe Clinicopathology Laboratory
  • The Clinicopathology Laboratory is equipped with large analysis instruments including automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic hematology analyzer, automatic coagulation analyzer, automatic urine analyzer and flow cytometer.
    The laboratory is also available for various morphological tests such as blood cell morphology test, urine sediment cell morphology test and marrow cell morphology test.
    The instruments in the laboratory feature stable performance, fast detection speed and reliable detection results. The laboratory has participated in the room quality assessment by Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory and been awarded certificates for years with every item qualified.
    Sysmex- XN-2000V automatic hematology analyzer.png

    Sysmex-XN-2000v automatic hematology analyzer

    Hematology analyzer, also known as blood cell analyzer, blood ball meter or blood cell counter, is a kind of medical instrument for examination.

    The Sysmex-XN-2000v automatic hematology analyzer features flow cytometry combined with laser technology and electrical impedance analysis method.

    Test items: CBC, DIFF and RET
  • Sysmex-CS-5100 automatic coagulation analyzer

    Sysmex-CS-5100 automatic coagulation analyzer

    The automatic coagulation analyzer is a routine detection device for clinical measurement of various components in human blood and identification of biochemical analysis results. It can provide reliable digital basis for scientific research. In terms of detection indexes of molecular markers of hemostasis and thrombosis, the automatic coagulation analyzer is closely related to all kinds of clinical diseases including atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and arteriovenous thrombosis. In the meantime, the automatic coagulation analyzer is required for patients who need surgery to avoid massive hemorrhage.

    The Sysmex-CS-5100 automatic coagulation analyzer is a complete and excellent high-speed analysis system with reliable traceability.

    Test items: Prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, fibrinogen and thrombin time.
  • Sysmex-UC-3500 automatic urine analyzer.png

    Sysmex-UC-3500 automatic urine analyzer

    Routine urine test is one of the three routine tests (blood, urine and stool). As a kind of excreta, urine reflects the metabolic status of the body and is an important indicator for the diagnosis of many diseases. Many kidney diseases can feature proteinuria or visible components in urine sediment at early stages. Abnormal routine urine test results may often reflect a sign of kidney or urinary tract diseases.

    Test items: Color, appearance, pH and specific gravity of urine and content of glucose, bilirubin, ketone body, protein, occult blood, urinary biliary origin, nitrite and white blood cells.
  • Beckman-Coulter-AU680 automatic biochemical analyzer.png

    Beckman-Coulter-AU680 automatic biochemical analyzer

    Clinical biochemical indicators are mainly used to detect the metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid, protein, urine, hepatobiliary, cardiovascular, muscle and gastrointestinal system. Such indicators reflect the toxicological and biological significance of clinical biochemical indexes in preclinical research of drugs, thus showing the influence on the overall metabolism, nutrition and health status of animals.

    Test items: Liver and kidney function, myocardial function, blood sugar and blood lipid, electrolyte, etc.
  • Morphological assay
    In terms of clinicopathology, microscopes are mainly used for:
    Examination of parasites in stoolObservation of cell agglutination in in vitro hemolysis test Morphological cell classification of peripheral blood smear Morphological cell classification of marrow smear
    Morphological assays can provide reference for physical examination of parasites, result confirmation for partial in vitro hemolysis experiments, recheck of microscopic examination result of hematology analysis and proliferation degree and toxicity changes of marrow karyocytes of various animals.
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