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Insect Cell Protein Expression System

Insect Cell Protein Expression System

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) has been widely used in the preparation of various recombinant proteins since 1983, especially in the expression of recombinant kinases and protein complexes. Our researchers have developed mature baculovirus-insect cell expression service that includes the preparation of recombinant baculoviruses, and the expression and purification of recombinant proteins and protein complexes.
Medicilon icon-diamond.pngServices we offer
  • Baculovirus vector expression system services:
    Preparation of recombinant bacmid DNAPreparation of recombinant baculovirusDetermination of recombinant virus titerOptimization of recombinant protein expression conditionsExpression and purification of small-scale proteins (500ml culture)Expression and purification of large-scale proteins (optional)Insect cell culture in bioreactor (3-30L)
Medicilon icon-notebook.pngItems and Steps
1Preparation of recombinant bacmid DNA3 weeksUse of different tags: GST, His, Flag, ...
2Preparation of recombinant baculovirus2 weeks
3Determination of recombinant virus titer2-3 daysStaining gp64 antibody methodology
4Optimization of recombinant protein expression conditions2 weeksEffects of different MOI and PI on expression
Select different cell lines (sf9, sf21, Hi5), according to requirements
5Expression and purification of small-scale proteins (500ml-2L)2-4 weeksProvision of expressed cells is also acceptable
6Expression and purification of large-scale proteins (over 10L)Determine based on the expressed yield and volumeShake flask or fermentor for culture available

Any of the above experiments, or a combination of related experiments, can be selected according to your requirements.

Relevant laboratories
  • cell crusher
  • cell room
  • Bioreactor
  • microscope
  • Cell Spinner Flask Incubator
  • pipetting workstation
  • pipette
  • Hamilton-liquid-handling-system
  • AKTA-xpress purification system
  • high-speed centrifuge
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