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Drug Discovery

X-ray-based Crystal Structural Biology

The measurement of complete three-dimensional structure of protein and its complex assembly is the scientific basis for studying the relationship between molecular structure and function in life activities and revealing the physical and chemical nature of life phenomena. The X-ray diffraction of protein and its complex crystals is one of the main methods to study the three-dimensional fine structure of biological macromolecules.

Penetrating with other disciplines and especially driven by popular disciplines like structural genomics, protein crystallography extends from analyzing the simple three-dimensional structure of protein to studying the structure of various biological macromolecules and complexes, and focus more on the relationship between structure and function. In pharmaceutical R&D, protein crystallographic structure is widely and significantly used in structure-based new drug design.
  • High-throughput-based selection of protein crystalsDiffraction data collection in protein synchrotron radiationProtein-compound co-crystallizationAnalysis of protein crystal structure
Items and Steps
1High-throughput-based selection of protein crystals4-8 weeksCommercial selection kit, Mosquito selection
2Diffraction data collection in protein synchrotron radiation4-8 weeksDiffraction data collection in synchrotron radiation for Shanghai
A. Protein-compound co-crystallization;
B. Fragment selection
4-8 weeksCompound-binding constant regarding ITC and Biacore test recommended
4Analysis of protein crystalDetermined based on specific projectPhase analysis of molecular replacement and heavy metal replacement
You can choose any of the above experiments, or a combination of related experiments, according to your requirements.