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Fee For Service(FFS)

Fee For Service(FFS)

FFS custom synthesis is one of Medicilon's services. Medicilon has an experienced R&D team of Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degree researchers who will utilize their extensive biopharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry experience to complete a variety of different custom synthesis projects including the synthesis of biologically active molecular target compounds, and other drug-like intermediates.
  • The custom synthesis will be developed exactly to the customer's requirements for the compound, either in small (typically milligrams to 100 grams) or medium to large (typically 100 grams to kilograms) quantities. These drug-like substances include drug reference compounds, lead compounds and their derivatives, combinatorial chemical templates, and other drug-like compounds. We deliver custom synthesis products in a timely and efficient manner.

    Fee For Service (FFS)
    The fees charged for the FFS model depend on parameters including the type of specific experiment, the method and the number of compounds to be tested.

    Customization of needs
    Timed completion of synthesis from small-scale quantities (milligrams to hundred-grams) to medium-large scale quantities (hundred-grams to kilograms)

    Synthesis of various target compounds
    These classes include drug reference compounds, lead compounds and their derivatives, combinatorial chemical templates and other drug-like compounds with or without references

  • FFS Service Advantages

    Efficient team performance parameters

    • FFS on-time delivery rate

      > 80%

    • Chemical reaction success rate

      > 85%

    • Compound delivered per FTE each week

      > 1

    • The number of reactions completed by each scientific researcher each week

      > 12

  • Partnerships

    The Medicilon Chemistry Department cooperates with well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to complete custom synthesis, compound library construction, target compound screening, compound structure and function optimization. Our customers include GSK, ROCHE, J&J , Genentech, Biogen, GILEAD, Takeda, Hengrui, Simcere, Jemincare, Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceuticals, etc .

  • Chemical Custom Synthesis Service

    Synthesis of reagents, intermediates, building blocks, reference compounds, metabolites, and impurities

    Synthesis of Reference Compounds

    Synthesis of customer-specific structure compounds

    Preparation of APIs or related substances

    Synthesis of standard substances

    Synthesis design and preparation of impurities or metabolites

    Synthesis of stable isotope internal standards

    Synthesis of tritiated compounds

    Synthesis and disassembly of chiral compounds

    Scale-up synthesis and process optimization of preclinical candidate compounds

    Synthesis of high-quality kilogram-level samples

    Research on target compound synthesis technology

Relevant laboratories
  • Medicilon chemistry researcher and NMR
  • Medicilon chemistry lab
  • ICP-MS
  •  400 MHz NMR
  • Medicilon chemistry researcher for FTE/FFS
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
  • High activity laboratory
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