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Digestive System Disease Models

Digestive System Disease Models

We can provide multiple animal models (including renal failure, anemic animal, gastric acid secretion animal, and gastric ulcer models) to test drug effectiveness according to client needs. We can conduct tests on typical digestive system diseases, including gastric acid secretions, gastric ulcers, and renal failure, using rats as subjects.

Gastric acid secretion & Gastric ulcer disease modelModel of pylorus ligation-induced gastric acid secretion and gastric ulcerRat
Histamine-induced gastric acid secretion modelRat
Model of gastric ulcer caused by ethanolMouse/Rat
Model of gastric ulcer induced by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugsRat
Model of gastric ulcer induced by water bundle stressRat
Acetic acid-induced gastric ulcer modelRat
Cysteine-induced duodenal mucosal ulcer model in ratsRat
Reflux esophagitis modelRat
Ulcerative colitisTNBS-induced ulcerative colitis (cellular immunoassay)Rat
Ulcerative colitis caused by DNBS (cellular immunoassay)Rat
Ulcerative colitis model by DSS drinking methodMouse
Gastric emptying model (carbon emptying method)Mouse/Rat
Intestinal dynamics measurement modelMouse/Rat
Functional dyspepsia modelRat
Diarrhea modelMouse


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  • Pathological observation
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  • Chromatography
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  • Small Animal Video Analysis System
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