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Drug Discovery
Cell Biology

Cell Biology

Medicilon can offer Cell Assay Analysis and Radioisotope Analysis for clients.

Services we offer
  • Cell Assay Analysis
    Cytotoxic assay-CTG,CCK8,MTTOris™ Cell Migration AssayTranswell cell migration assayCell necrosis assay - TNF+SM164+z-VADApoptosis assay-FACSCell cycle assay-FACSPhosphorylated protein assay-Western blot/MSD/HTRFConfocal-based ADC endocytosis assaypHrodo-based ADC endocytosis assayADC bystander effect-FACSNanoBiT/NanoBRET reporter gene assayDual luciferase reporter gene assayCytokine release assay-ELISA/Luminex/MSDHuman Blood Protein Phosphorylation Assay-FACSProtein degradation assay-HiBiT/In cell Wesern/WB/HTRFTricomplex formation-NanoBRETpsiCHECK2 reporter gene assay-siRNA screeningLiver tumor cell transfection/uptake assay-siRNA screeningPrimary hepatocyte transfection/uptake assay-siRNA screeningHepatocyte toxicity assay-siRNA off-target assayRNA-seq-siRNA off-target assayCar-T cell killing assay-FACSCar-T cell cytokine release assayCell binding assay-antibody screening-FACSADCC/ADCP/CDC-Antibody Screen-FACSSecond messenger assay - cAMP/cGMP/IP3/Ca2+
  • Radioisotope Analysis
    B-cell activation/B-cell proliferation assay-isotope method/fluorescence methodT-cell activation/T-cell proliferation assay-isotope method/fluorescence methodReceptor binding assay - isotope methodLigand binding assay - isotope methodFree uptake assay - isotope method
Feature Platform
Relevant laboratoriesRelevant laboratories
  • 同位素
  • Gyrolab-xPlore
  • 实验人员操作
  • PCR
  • 高速离心机
  • 恒温箱
  • 电化学发光免疫分析法
  • 离心机
  • 超声液细胞粉碎机
  • covaris
  • bioreactor
  • Bio-Plex-200
  • Biology-Flow-cytometer
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