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Drug Discovery

Cell Biology

Service Platform
  • Cell Assay Analysis Platform
    Cytotoxicity testingApoptosis testing and analysisCell migration analysisCell invasion analysisHTRF-based cell  detection and analysisImmunostaining analysisImmunofluorescence analysis (96/384-well plate)Reporter gene analysis (green fluorescent protein/luciferase)Radioligand receptor binding assayCell uptake analysisStable cell line construction, based on Crispr-Cas9RNA interference methodologyMicroRNA overexpression analysisMicroRNA knockout analysis Adenovirus/retrovirus/lentivirus vector application analysisIn vitro evaluation of PROTAC moleculeIn vitro evaluation of mRNA vaccineIn vitro evaluation of antibodyIn vitro evaluation of antibody drug coagulates T cell transfection and toxicity analysisKillability of NK cells and analysis of Car-NK
  • Radioisotope Analysis
    Technical platforms (3H, 33P, 32P, 35S, 125I and 14C)Radioreceptor binding assaysRadioligand binding assaysRadioactive uptake assaysCell growth assaysRadioimmunoassay analysisImmunoradiometric assay analysis
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