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E.Coli protein expression system

E.Coli protein expression system

Prokaryotic expression system (E.coli expression system) is a classical expression system developed earlier and widely used in gene expression technology. In recent decades, E.coli expression system has been continuously developed and improved, and has been widely used by scientific research and industrial users to express various recombinant proteins. Compared with other expression systems, it is characterized by the high expression level of target gene, short culture period, strong anti-pollution ability and low cost.
Medicilon icon-diamond.pngServices we offer
Our researchers have established a mature E.coli expression service platform to provide the expression and purification of various recombinant proteins and their complexes in escherichia coli.

  • Prokaryotic protein expression system (for E.coli) services:
    Construction of recombinant plasmid;Recombinant expressor tests;Soluble expression test;Expression and purification of small-scale proteins (product cultured in medium 2L);Expression and purification of large-scale proteins (over 10L)
Medicilon icon-notebook.pngItems and Steps
1Construction of recombinant plasmid2 weeksDifferent carriers available; different tags include His, Trx, GST, SUMO, etc.
2Recombinant expressor testing1 weekDifferent expression bacterial strains available
3Soluble expression testing1-2 weeksDifferent inducers and induction temperatures available, or a mutant construction based on point mutation of protein
structure or deletion mutation
4Expression and purification of small-scale proteins1-2 weeksIn case of inclusion body expression, the time and methodology will be adjusted.
5Expression and purification of large-scale proteinsDetermined based on the expressed volumeShake flask or culture fermentor available

You can choose any of the above experiments, or the combination of related experiments, according to your requirements.

Affinity purification, ion column purification, hydrophobic packing purification, or molecular sieve purification are available for the purification options.

The nature of proteins, as well as the expression system selected, will affect the purity and activity of the final products.

Relevant laboratories
  • pipetting workstation
  • high-speed centrifuge
  • PCR
  • pipette
  • Cell Spinner Flask Incubator
  • microscope
  • Hamilton-liquid-handling-system
  • AKTA-xpress purification system
  • Biological experimental equipment
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