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Enzyme Catalysis

Enzyme Catalysis

As a CRO that advocates green drug research and development, Medicilon has always been committed to promoting the green upgrading of pharmaceutical processes through technological innovation. Medicilon has already used enzymes in process research and development, and relying on its strong chemical and biological background, Medicilon has established a the Enzyme Catalysis Technology Platform to screen catalytic enzymes for specific reaction types and establish corresponding enzyme libraries to assist process development and production.

Medicilon Enzyme Catalysis Service Platform

  • 01 Chemical Technology Platform

    Development of Pharmaceutical Intermediates and APls

    Functional Chemical Development

    02 Biotechnology Platform

    Enzyme Development and Applications

    Enzyme Production

    03 Quality Technology Platform

    Quality and Control Research

    Inspection and Testing Services

    Medicilon Enzyme Catalysis Service Platform.jpg
    Medicilon's Enzyme Catalysis Technology Platform includes chemical technology platform, biotechnology platform, and quality technology platform.  The platform focuses on the combination of chemical synthesis and biological enzyme catalytic synthesis, the development and application research of biological enzymes, and the R&D and production of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs using green biotechnology.  At the same time, it provides high-end CRO, CDMO services, testing and quality research services to pharmaceutical companies.

Medicilon Enzyme Library


KetoreductaseD-amino acid dehydrogenaseTransaminaseNitrile HydratasePhenylalanine LyaseHydroaminase
Cytochrome MonooxygenaseThreonine DehydrogenasePhosphokinaseEpoxide HydrolaseNitrilase
Alcohol OxidaseFormate DehydrogenaseNucleoside Phosphorylation (synthesis)AmidohydrolaseAldol Condensase
Monoamine OxidaseGlucose DehydrogenaseNitrilaseOther Specialized Enzymes
NitroreductasePhenylalanine Dehydrogenase
Imine ReductaseAmmonia Dehydrogenase
  • At present, Medicilon has successfully established dozens of major biological enzyme libraries, such as ketoreductase, ester hydrolase, imine reductase, nitroreductase, cyclooxygenase, amide hydrolase, for providing suitable biocatalytic solutions for various chemical transformations.  These integrated enzymatic services reduce costs, shorten time, and improve quality.  With the implementation of a large amount of projects, Medicilon enzyme library is also continuing to be optimized and expanded.  Medicilon will also carry out research on immobilized enzymes and coenzymes.

Medicilon’s R&D capabilities in the field of synthetic biology

  • With the continuous advancement of synthetic biology technology, more and more enzymes with specific catalytic functions are used as biocatalysts to achieve reactions that are difficult to achieve with chemical catalysts, and can be used as catalytic components to build functional modules of synthetic biology.  Medicilon has already established a presence in the field of synthetic biology. Through the assembly of different enzyme components, Medicilon has made breakthroughs in the design of synthetic routes for many target molecules and can provide a variety of services:
    Molecule and Strain ConstructionStrain Delection and DomesticationEnzyme Co-ExpressionMulti-Enzyme CatalysisBiocatalysisProtein ModificationFermentation MetabolismProtein PurificationFermentation OptimizationEnzyme Immobilization
    In the future, Medicilon, as a one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform, will continue to explore and apply more innovative green chemical technologies to achieve more environmentally friendly, safe, efficient and economical process development and production, and create more innovative products for global clients.
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