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Hybridoma Technology

Hybridoma Technology

Medicilon's biology department has established an antibody drug development platform, and our team members have more than 10 years experience in custom antibody production. Medicilon's hybridoma R&D services can provide a variety of immunization methods (proteins, peptides, small molecules, whole cells) to meet with the client's needs.
Development Process of Hybridoma Technology Platform
  • Development Process of Hybridoma Technology Platform
Experimental Timeline
    • 01
      Antigen preparation (provided by the customer or Medicilon)
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    • 02
      Standard immunization and serum titer testing
      6-8 weeks
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    • 03
      Fusion screening subclones
      4-6 weeks
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    • 04
      Providing antibody sequence
      2 weeks
Service Advantage
  • Accredited animal facilities:full AAALAC certification; Multiple Immunization methods: Medicilon offers various antigen immunization schemes such as protein, peptide, VLP, whole cell and DNA for antigen preparation; High-throughput screening: FACS, ELISA workstation, Biacore affinity, etc., with high screening efficiency; Comprehensive functional testing services:The functional verification testing platform provides in-vitro pharmacodynamic testing services such as Affinity Ranking, Affinity Measurement, EC50 and IC50, and Cross-reactivity; etc.
Advanced Equipment
  • Hybridoma Technology Advanced Equipment-High throughput screening
    Hybridoma Technology Advanced Equipment-Elisa and Flow Cytometry
    Hybridoma Technology Advanced Equipment-AKTA purification
    Hybridoma Technology Advanced Equipment-Animal immunity: SPF animal lab
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