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Preclinical research
In Vitro Pharmacokinetic Assays
Medicilon has rich experience in in vitro research on pharmacokinetics including metabolic stability, P450 induction and inhibition, metabolic pathway and metabolite identification, with animals involved including rats, mice, rabbits, dogs and monkeys.
  • Determination of plasma protein binding rate Plasma stability tests Liver microsomal metabolism tests CYP450 inhibition tests CYP450 induction tests Metabolite speculation Metabolite identification Estimation of metabolic pathway Identification of metabolic pathway Transmembrane transport test Drug-drug interaction Metabolic phenotype research Hepatocyte metabolic stability tests
Evaluation performance
  • Our Preclinical Pharmacokinetics Department can complete nearly thousands of single pharmacokinetic researches in vitro every year. The research categories involve micromolecule drugs, bio-tech-based drugs and natural product drugs.
  • WinNolin and WastonLim are used for calculation and processing of pharmacokinetic research data and management of analytical laboratory.

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