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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

At Medicilon, chemistry and biology are ingrained in every project we undertake. Our medicinal chemistry team is capable of flexibly applying computer chemistry to assist compound design process. In the meantime, we apply advanced drug discovery technologies, including proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC), DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) and antibody drug conjugation (ADC).

We are also proud of our rich experience in innovative design and patent strategies that complement our technologies.In addition, our responsive project management and effective communication help optimize our project delivery.

Medicilon diamond icon.pngService
  • Medicilon’s medicinal chemistry services include:
    Feasibility assessment of new drug targetsHigh-throughput screening and discovery of active compounds based on  structural designSAR-based compound synthesis and SAR-based optimizationEstablishment of specific compound libraries (establishment of micromolecule compound library)Rapid synthesis of PROTAC molecules and ADC payloads, as well as lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipidsScreening of new hit compounds from DEL (from active compounds to discovery of lead compounds) Synthesis, discovery, and optimization of hit compoundsResearch on SARComputer-aided drug design (CADD) Processes from optimization of lead compounds to determination of preclinical drug candidatesPatent preparation and applicationELN system recordsMulti-parameter lead optimization for desired target molecule profiles (synthesis, discovery, and structural optimization of lead compounds)
Medicilon notebook icon.pngFeatures
  • An efficient team fiercely driven by deadlines
    We are proud of our professional and efficient R&D team.Over 40% of our team members have either a master's degree, doctorate, or above. On every project, we make full use of every second so to ensure overall efficiency and project punctuality.We guarantee: Fee for service (FFS) on-time delivery rate > 80%; Chemical reaction success rate > 85%;Compound delivered per full-time equivalent (FTE) each week;One The number of reactions completed by each scientific researcher > 12.
  • Advanced equipment
    Supported by high-throughput chromatography and mass spectrometry and advanced processing software, Medicilon sets high standards for our compound screening and analysis, optimization of lead compounds, analysis of chemical and physical properties of compounds, and other drug R&D processes. Our 10,000 m2 laboratory in Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Park is equipped with a comprehensive library of instruments, and is managed under a modern business model and philosophy. We  guarantee the quality and efficiency of any project we undertake.
  • The advanced PROTAC technology platform
    Our Medicinal Chemistry Department has established a PROTAC drug discovery platform that contains popular target protein ligands. We have also established libraries for high-affinity targeting protein small molecule (TPSM) and small molecular fragments, libraries for high-affinity ubiquitin ligase small molecule (E3SM) and small molecular fragments, and linker systems that include diversified bi-functional linkers (BF-Linker). Those compound libraries help to quickly and efficiently synthesize a large number of high-activity PTROTAC bi-specific small molecules, thus greatly accelerating the process of drug R&D. Medicilon will make every effort to establish and complete its PROTAC biological screening and testing platform, and the follow-up  development of preclinical stages.
Relevant laboratories
  • NMR
  • ICP-MS
  • mess-guided preparative HPLC
  • TECAN,-GENESIS-Work-Station-150
  • microwave reactor
  • NMR
  • chemistry lab
  • SFC
  • GC-MS
  • High activity laboratory
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
  • Overnight synthesis laboratory
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