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Preclinical Research

Endocrine & Metabolic Disease Models

In the field of metabolic diseases, we are proud of our portfolio of stable and effective animal models, especially those for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Though popular recently, they still lack effective drug treatment.
Obesity and diabetesStreptozotocin-inducedRats/mice
SpontaneousMice (db/db, ob/ob)
SpontaneousZDF rats
High-fat and high-sugar diet-inducedMice
HyperuricemiaPotassium oxonate-inducedRats/mice
Adenine- and ethambutol-inducedRats
Liver fibrosisBile duct ligationRats
Composite factor method-inducedRats
Porcine serum-inducedRats
Lipid abnormalityHigh fat/cholesterol/fructose diet-inducedHamster
Hereditary atherosclerosis (APOE mice + high-fat diet)APOE mice
Non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD, NAFL, NASH)Hereditary atherosclerosis (APOE mice)APOE mice
Non-alcoholic fatty liverRats
High-fat diet (HFD)Rats/mice, hamsters
Methionine- and choline-deficient diet (MCD)Mice
Composite factor-inducedRats
ThrombusArteriovenous bypass thrombosisRats/mice
Carrageenan-induced tail vein thrombosisMice
Deep vein thrombosisRats
Carotid artery thrombosisRats/mice
Relevant laboratories
  • LC/MS
  • centrifuge
  • Pathological observation
  • pathological section
  • frozen slice
  • high-speed centrifuge
  • SPE
  • Liquid analysis laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Inspection equipment
  • isotope
  • Immunoassay Platform
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