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Neural System Disease Models

Neural System Disease Models

Our Pharmacodynamics Department can deliver multiple nervous system models based on anti-depressants, anti-Alzheimer's drugs, sedative-hypnotic and anti-anxiety drugs, analgesics, anti-convulsants, anti-Parkinson's drugs, and anti-schizophrenia drugs. Those models can effectively evaluate innovative drugs at the molecular and cellular level, as well as ex vivo, and in vivo. The Department's advanced Cognition Wall Discrimination learning ensures uninterrupted tracking to determine changes in memory function in double transgenic mice during early-stage Alzheimer's disease and eliminates the disadvantages of the Morris water maze (MWM) in stress interference and short-time tests.
Antidepressant TestInhibition of 5-HT, NA and DA uptake by brain synaptosomes (sample screening, IC50 determination)Rat
Forced swimming assay (rats/mice, Noduls software, video screen analysis)Mouse/Rat
Tail suspension assay (Noduls software, video screen analysis)Mouse
5-Hydroxytryptamine enhancement assayMouse
Risperdalin-induced eyelid ptosis assayMouse
Yohimbine toxicity enhancement assayMouse
High-dose apomorphine antagonism experimentMouse
Chronic mild unpredictable stimulus (CUMS) modelRat
New environment feeding inhibition experimentMouse/Rat
Determination of MAO-A and MAO-B activity of monoamine oxidase in the brainMouse
Protective effect on hippocampal neuronal cells in neonatal rats (glutamate damage, hydrogen peroxide damage, glucose hypoxia damage, dexamethasone damage, etc.)Neonatal Rat
Effects on the synthesis and secretion of BDNF by SH-SY5Y cellsSH-SY5Y cell
Anticonvulsant TestYohimbine toxicity enhancement testMouse
Pentetetrazol convulsionsMouse
Hordeum vulgare convulsionsMouse
Convulsions with IndocinMouse
Sedative-hypnotic anti-anxietySynergistic effects with pentobarbitalMouse
Effect on subthreshold hypnotic dose of barbituratesMouse
Re-sleeping testMouse
Open-field experiment (full camera monitoring, software processing)Mouse/Rat
Elevated cross-maze method (camera monitoring, software processing)Mouse/Rat
Light and dark shuttle box method (camera monitoring, software processing)Mouse
Anti-Parkinson TestMPTP causes subacute PD model (bilateral disruption PD model)Mouse
Chronic PD model with MPTP+probenecid (bilateral PD model)Mouse
Oxidative tremor induced fibrillation modelMouse
Analgesia TestHot plate method, photothermal tail shaking method, pressure pain methodMouse/Rat
Von Frey hairs method, bipedal balance pain measurement methodMouse/Rat
Acetic acid twisting modelMouse
Formalin-induced pain modelMouse
Adjuvant CFA-induced toe pain modelMouse/Rat
Carrageenan gum-induced toe pain modelMouse/Rat
LPS-induced pain modelMouse/Rat
Spinal nerve selective ligation (L5/L6)Rat
Sciatic nerve branch selective injury model (SNI)Mouse/Rat
Diabetic pain, incisional pain, cancer pain modelMouse/Rat
Anti-dementiaMemory acquisition disorder model (6-channel mouse jumping stage video screen analysis system)Mouse
Poor memory consolidation model (6-channel mouse jumping platform video screen analysis system)Mouse
Memory reproduction disorder model (6-channel mouse dark-avoidance video screen analysis system)Mouse
Mouse bright and dark box method (4-channel mouse bright and dark box video screen analysis system)Mouse
Rat acquired memory impairment model (Morris water maze video screen analysis system)Rat
Determination of acetylcholinesterase activity in the brainMouse
D-galactose-induced dementia model in miceMouse
New object recognition experimentRat
APP/PS1 mice (Morris water maze, Cognition Wall)Transgenic Mouse
Cellular level, molecular biology levelIn vitro test
Anti-schizophreniaMK801 causes negative symptoms, positive symptoms of schizophreniaMouse
Ketamine causes negative symptoms of schizophreniaMouse
Stiffness test in ratsRat
Lower lip retraction test in ratsRat
Amphetamine-induced increased activity in ratsRat
Phencyclidine increased activity in ratsRat
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  • Mine experiment
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  • Small Animal Video Analysis System
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