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Neural System Disease Models

Neural System Disease Models

Our Pharmacodynamics Department can deliver multiple nervous system models based on anti-depressants, anti-Alzheimer's drugs, sedative-hypnotic and anti-anxiety drugs, analgesics, anti-convulsants, anti-Parkinson's drugs, and anti-schizophrenia drugs. Those models can effectively evaluate innovative drugs at the molecular and cellular level, as well as ex vivo, and in vivo. The Department's advanced Cognition Wall Discrimination learning ensures uninterrupted tracking to determine changes in memory function in double transgenic mice during early-stage Alzheimer's disease and eliminates the disadvantages of the Morris water maze (MWM) in stress interference and short-time tests.
DepressionForced swimming testMouse/Rat
Tail suspension testMouse
5-HTP-induced head twitches responseMouse
Reserpine-induced ptosisMouse
Yohimbine-induced lethality testMouse
High-dose apomorphine antagonismMouse
Chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS)Rat
Novelty suppressed feeding testMouse/Rat
MAO-A/MAO-B activity testMouse/Rat
ConvulsantPentylenetetrazol-induced clonic seizureMouse
Bicuculline-induced clonic seizureMouse
Yohimbine-induced lethality testMouse
Picrotoxin-induced clonic seizureMouse
Sedative hypnosis anti-anxietySynergistic effect with pentobarbitalMouse
Synergies with pentobarbital drugsMouse
Elevated plus maze testMouse/Rat
Shuttle Box testMouse
Open field testMouse/Rat
SchizophreniaMK801 induced schizophrenia (positive/negative symptom)Mouse
Ketamine induced schizophrenia with negative symptomMouse
Haloperidol-induced catalepsyRat
Lower lip retraction testRat
Hyperactivity induced by amphetamineRat
Hyperactivity induced by phencyclidineRat
Parkinson’s DiseaseSubacute model induced by MPTPMouse
Chronic model induced by MPTP + ConvulsantMouse
Oxotremorine-induced tremors/salivationMouse
Nociceptive PainHot-Plate testMouse/Rat
Radiant heat tail-flick testMouse/Rat
Von-Frey filaments testMouse/Rat
Randall-Selitto test (Pressing pain)Mouse/Rat
Formalin model (phase I & phase II)Mouse
Model of foot inflammatory pain induced by carrageenanMouse/Rat
Model of foot inflammatory pain model induced by Complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA) Mouse/Rat
Acetic acid writhing testMouse
LPS-induced thermal hyperalgesiaMouse/Rat
Sciatic nerve injury (SNI) modelRat
Incision-induced pain modelRat
Diabetic foot ulcer pain modelMouse/Rat
Chemotherapy pain model (vincristine , paclitaxel induction)Rat
Osteoarthritis pain modelRat
Brochure Download:                Nociceptive Pain Models
DementiaMorris water maze tastMouse/Rat
Light–dark box testMouse
Memory acquisition impairmentMouse/Rat
Memory consolidating impairmentMouse
Memory retrieval impairmentMouse
Activity of acetylcholinesterase testMouse
D-galactose-induced subacute aging modelMouse
APP/PS1/Tau transgenic miceMouse
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