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Orthotopic Cancer Models

Orthotopic Cancer Models

The orthotopic cancer model considers the interaction between tumor cells and their surrounding interstitial organ microenvironment and monitors tumor growth in drug efficacy evaluation. We can break down the barriers of experiment and technology with mature orthotopic transplantation models, including brain orthotopic transplantation, liver orthotopic transplantation, lung orthotopic transplantation, tibial bone marrow cavity orthotopic transplantation, and intravesical orthotopic transplantation.
Medicilon icon-diamond.pngModel Type
Cancer TypeOrthotopic ModelsOrthotopic Models (Luc Cell Line)
Lung cancerNCI-H1650, A549, NCI-H1975, NCI-H460 and LLC1A549-luc, LLC1-luc and NCI-H1975-luc
Colon cancerHCT-116 and LoVoHT29-luc,CT26.WT-luc
Gastric cancerHs 746T
Pancreatic cancerMia-Paca 2Mia-Paca 2-luc
Breast cancerMDA-MB-231,HCC1954, HCC70,MDA-MB-361, MCF7, HCC19544T1-luc,MDA-MB-231-luc
Ovary carcinomaSK-OV-3SK-OV-3-luc
Prostate cancerPC3PC-3-luc
Kidney cancerA498
Bladder cancerUM-UC-3
Liver cancerH22
LeukemiaRL, MAVER-1, Karpas299, K562,HL-60
Medicilon icon-diamond.pngMature Orthotopic Technique
  • Orthotopic brain tumor models
    Orthotopic brain tumor models.png
  • Lung tumor models
    Lung tumor models.png
    Tibia marrow cavity tumor models
    Tibia marrow cavity tumor models.png
  • Ovary carcinoma models
    Ovary carcinoma models.png
Relevant laboratories
  • caliper
  • BD-FACSCelesta
  • BD-LSRFortessa
  • IVIS-Lumina-III-In-Vivo-Imaging-System
  • RAD
  • frozen section
  • Pathological observation
  • pathological section
  • Operating room (outer room)
  • flow cytometer
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