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Other Disease Models

Other Disease Models

Medicilon offers various effective animal models, including customized ones, based on clients' needs. Typical models include those for full-thickness skin trauma, pressure ulcers, and spontaneous hypertension with rats/mice and SHR as subjects. Further, Medicilon also offers non-human primates for pharmacology studies, such as using monkeys for cell therapy for Type-1 diabetes; and mini-pig for analgesic effect evaluation.
Kidney injury and failureAcute renal failure induced by cis-platinumRat
Renal ischemia-reperfusion modelRat
Chronic renal failure induced by (5/6)NephrectomyRat
Chronic renal failure induced by adenineRat
Diabetic renal failureZucker Rat
Renal fibrosis modelRat
Skin HealingFull-thickness skin trauma modelMouse/Rat
Diabetic foot ulcer modeldb/db Mouse
Standardized Scalding Burn ModelRat
LeukopeniaCyclophosphamide inducedMouse/Rat
Cytarabine inducedRat
Adriamycin inducedRat
Cisplatin inducedRat
Alopecia and Alopecia areataHair loss induced by testosterone propionateMouse/Rat
Rosin and paraffin + testosterone propionate induces alopeciaMouse
Imiquimod induced alopecia areataMouse
Cyclophosphamide induced alopecia areataMouse
Allergic rhinitisInduced by OVA+Aluminum hydroxideMouse
Induced by OVA+DPT vaccine induction without cellRat
Prostatic DiseasesProstatic hyperplasia model (Normal/Castration)Mouse/Rat
Prostatic hyperplasia induced by androgenMouse/Rat
Nonbacterial prostatitisRat
Respiratory systemPulmonary fibrosis model induced by bleomycinMouse/Rat
Pulmonary fibrosis model induced by paraquatRat
Silicotic model induced by silicon dioxideMouse/Rat
Expelling phlegm test (phenol red excretion method)Mouse
Pulmonary inflammation induced by LPSMouse
Tracheal goblet cell staining countsMouse
Sexual dysfunction(BE)Erectile function test in normal ratRat
Erectile function test in castrated ratRat
Sexual behavior test experiment (Back climbing experiment)Rat
Gynecological diseaseMammary hyperplasia modelRat
Uterine fibroid modelRat
Endometriosis modelMouse/Rat
HyperthyreosisSecondary hyperthyroidism modelMouse/Rat
Itch modelPruritus induced by chloroquineMouse
Pruritus induced by dextranumMouse
Pruritus induced by istamineMouse
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