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Drug Discovery
Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry

Medicilon is proud of our extensive expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. Our synthetic chemistry team is capable of the independent design of synthesis pathways and complex compound treatments, key to helping accelerate our clients' drug discovery.

We pay great attention to scientific procedure and confidentiality to protect our clients' intellectual property rights tirelessly and guarantee data integrity. Furthermore, our projects are always undertaken with a focus on green chemistry.

Medicilon diamond icon.pngService
  • Synthesis of high-quality compounds from milligram to kilogram
    Synthesis of reagents, intermediates, building blocks, reference compounds, metabolites, and impurities
  • Scaling up Compound Production
  • Custom chemical synthesis
    Delivering molecules with a completely new structureSynthesis of positive control compounds and molecular probesSynthesis of special reagents, intermediates, and molecular fragments Preparation of API or related substances Synthesis of standard substancesDesign and preparation of impurities or metabolitesSynthesis of stable isotope internal standards Delivery of SIL internal standardsSynthesis of tritiated compounds Synthesis and resolution of chiral compounds Analytical support Delivery of the product analysis report Expertise: chiral drugs, heterocyclic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, nucleoside chemistry, peptide chemistry and antibody drug conjugation (ADC)
  • Scale up
    Scaling-up synthesis and process optimization of preclinical candidate compoundsSynthesis of high-quality kilogram-level samplesResearch on target compound synthesis technology
Medicilon diamond icon.pngFeatured Platform
  • PROTAC Service Scope
    PROTACs ChemistryPROTACs in vitro EvaluationPROTACs in vivo Evaluation
  • Medicilon can provide:
    ADC lab with OEB4/5 Isolator5 mg, 50 mg, 500 mg antibody level conjugation servicesExperimental cycle time : 2-4 weeksQC: SEC、HIC、LC-MS/MS etcDAR: 2-8
  • R&D Capabilities


    Nucleotide monomerOligonucleotideDelivery systemOligonucleotide coupling


    SugarNucleobaseBackboneDelivery system
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