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We boast complete pharmacokinetic, toxicokinetic and analytical research facilities and instruments. Our Toxicology Research Department has been granted AAALAC Accreditation and GLP certificate of NMPA and passed the on-site evaluation, with research globally-recognized capabilities to support filing programs for multiple countries.


Pharmacokinetics can reveal the dynamic changes of drugs in vivo, obtain the basic pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, and clarify the process and characteristics of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. It is an important basis for animal species selection and relationship building between dose-effect and toxicity-effect, and can provide reference for designing and optimizing the administration in clinical trials.
Toxicokinetics is one of important researches of pharmacotoxicology. It mainly studies the whole body exposure degree and duration of the tested substance at different dose levels in toxicity test, so as to predict the potential risks of the tested substance when it is exposed to human body. Toxicokinetic tests are not a simple description of the basic pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs, but focus on explaining the results of toxicity test and predicting human safety.
Medicilon diamond icon.pngService
  • In vitro ADME research
    Metabolic stability (liver microsomes, S9, Cytosol, hepatocytes and blood)Metabolite identificationDetermination of plasma protein binding rateCYP enzyme inhibition research (DDI and TDI)CYP enzyme induction researchTransporter substrate and inhibition evaluationEnzyme phenotype analysis
  • In vivo PK research
    Selection of solvents and preparationsBridging experiment of preclinical preparation and clinical preparationBioavailabilityTissue distributionBile, urine and feces excretionBE researchPK/PD research Identification of metabolites in vivo
  • In vivo TK research
    TK/PD/TOX analysisGender difference/dose correlation/accumulation analysisActive ingredient/prodrug/metabolite monitoringIdentification of metabolites of TK samplesImmunogenicity analysis
  • Biological sample analysis
    Bioanalysis of preclinical samplesBioanalysis of clinical samplesanalysis of BE samples
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  • Immunoassay Platform
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  • Shimadzu UV Analyzer
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