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Nov 29,2021
Biacore Analysis of Medicilon
As a high-throughput test system, Biacore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short period of time. Biacore™ 8K can complete the screening, affinity and kinetic characterization of small molecule compound drugs and biotherapeutics at the speed you dream of, and provide the high-quality data you expect. As a newRead more
Jun 18,2020
Biacore Technical Service: Biacore s200 and Biacore 8K
Biacore System BIA is the abbreviation of “Biomolecular Interaction Analysis” in English. BIAcore provides real-time observation of the interaction between biomolecules. Through it you can observe the specificity of the binding of the two molecules, you can know how strong the two molecules are combined, and you can understand how many cooperators and participants thereRead more
Aug 08,2019
Biacore 8k Services-Medicilon
SPR, surface plasmon resonance, reveal the interaction between proteins and other biomolecules through physical optical effects, to help customers understand molecular functions and screen effective molecules. It can replace and is superior to tests such as WB/Elisa/CO-IP-/Pull-down/ChIP/EMSA/FRET/Yeast two-hybrid. Medicilon has an advanced instrument Biacore 8K and an experienced team to help you complete the SPRRead more
Dec 11,2017
Biacore Analysis Service 8K
The Biacore™ 8K is the newest member of the Biacore family of products. Biacore 8K efficiently delivers binding data with the quality you expect while meeting tomorrow’s challenges in small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization. Discover more, more efficiently. · Single solution for interaction analysis in both screening and characterization· Screening of 2300 smallRead more