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Medicilon's Drug Discovery services: Chemical and Biological Services

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Medicilon's drug discovery module involves two research departments: Chemistry and Biology.


Medicilon's chemistry department consists of synthetic chemistry services and medicinal chemistry services. Clients can operate with us on a fee-for-service or full-time equivalent basis.

Synthetic Chemistry

Our synthetic chemistry team has broad an in-depth expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. We independently designed synthetic routes for complex molecules.
Scientific ethics are of the utmost importance in our synthetic chemistry division, and we strive to maintain the strongest IP protection and highest standards for data integrity.
In addition, our projects follow green chemistry principles.
We are capable of:

High-quality compound synthesis from milligram to kilogram;

Synthesis of reagents、intermediates、 building blocks、 reference compounds、metabolites and impurities;

Scale up to non-GMP drugs substances.

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicilon Medicinal Chemistry's services include:

SAR compound synthesis

Focused library synthesis

computer-Aided Drug Design

Fast synthesis of protecting molecules and ADC payloads, as well as lipids, glycolipids and phospholipids

bullivers screening

screening for new hit molecules from DELs

Multi-parameter lead optimization for desired target molecule profiles, patent preparation, and filing

ELN Enabling

Our medicinal chemistry team thoroughly integrates chemistry and biology in every project. Our strong expertise in computational chemistry forms our compound design process.
We also utilize cutting-edge drug discovery techniques, covering PROTAC technology,DELs, ADC technology, and beyond.

Lab Instruments

Medicilon's lab is designed to conquer the most complex challenges in chemistry
Our chemistry department equipped with advanced instruments including:




Ms-directed preparative HPLC,

Microwave reactors,



ICP-MS, and more.



Our biology department can provide our clients with:

>> Enzyme and cell-based assay systems

>> Protein expression and purification

>> Protein-protein and protein-compound interaction detection

>> Antibody expression and preparations

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