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Nociceptive Pain

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  • Throughout ages man has used many different remedies for pain relief. However, there are still some pain symptoms can’t be effectively alleviated. Because of different degrees of analgesic drug adverse reactions or efficacy intensity and duration is not ideal, the prevention and treatment of pain is still not up to the ideal degree. Various analgesics with different mechanisms of action and different types of analgesia need to be evaluated by corresponding animal models before clinical trials. When animals experience pain during an experimental protocol, a cascade of physiological, hormonal, biochemical, and behavioral alterations is triggered that’s simile the same way of human reaction.
    Therefore, we can choose the corresponding pain animal model to evaluate the new analgesic drugs. Animal models of pain are designed to mimic distinct clinical diseases to better evaluate underlying mechanisms and potential treatments.
    • Nociceptive Pain Models

      Currently, Medicilon possess different types of pain including acute pain, inflammatory pain, and neuropathic pain. We have developed many common methods used for inducing each of the pain phenotypes related to clinical pain syndromes, as well as the main behavioral tests for assessing pain in each model. We have developed a variety of clinically relevant pain models that have been validated to effectively test new therapeutic candidates.

    • Our Pharmacodynamics Department can deliver multiple nervous system models based on anti-depressants, anti-Alzheimer's drugs, sedative-hypnotic and anti-anxiety drugs, analgesics, anti-convulsants, anti-Parkinson's drugs, and anti-schizophrenia drugs.

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