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Join Medicilon for Cell & Gene Therapy Annual Conference 2022 at Philly

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We are excited to announce that Medicilon will be attending the Cell & Gene Therapy Annual Conference from June 17-18, 2022. Our CEO and the US Business Development team welcome you to join us at the conference! Please stop by our booth and chat how our services and capabilities would support your research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs. Wish you a safe trip!

Date: June 17-18, 2022

Location: Philadelphia, PA


About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive innovative drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions worldwide. Medicilon has established a gene therapy- focused drug R&D platform providing services for evaluating efficacy, biodistribution, and safety research of cell and gene therapy products. At present, CAR-T, TCR-T, CAR-NK, oncolytic virus, antibodies (monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, etc.), siRNA, AAV, and other immunotherapy models and methods are used for evaluation of the efficacy of immunotherapy and empowering the research process of innovative therapies. Medicilon is AAALAC accredited as well as US FDA and CN NMPA certified.

Service Types

❖ Cell Therapy

❖ Oncolytic Virus


❖ Gene Editing

Service Models

PDX Models

Humanized Mouse Models

Syngeneic Mouse Models

Orthotopic Cancer Models

Xenograft Models

Analysis Platform

Nucleic Acid Level Analysis Platform


 Cell Level Analysis Platform

 Cell-counter, FACS, ELISPOT, TCID50

 Protein Level Analysis Platform

 ELISA, FIA, CLIA, ECL, HTRF, RIA, Gyrolab, Bio-plex

Advanced Equipment

 CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer

 QIAcuity one Digital PCR Instrument

 Luminex, MSD Electro-chemiluminescence Analyzer

 MD SpectraM4/M5, ABI7500 qPCR

 Covaris E220, Kingfisher


Based in the Greater Philadelphia tech corridor, SAPA-GP was founded by a group of passionate pharmaceutical professionals and researchers. SAPA-GP is a key source for knowledge exchange on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and generic drug industries, the hidden gem for pharmaceutical professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area, the bridge for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries between China and USA. To learn more, please visit their website.

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