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Welcome Dr. Wenxin Dong to Join the Department of Efficacy

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Medicilon is delighted to announce that Dr. Wenxin Dong has joined Medicilon to further develop the growing Pharmacological services.  Dr. Zhang comes with a wealth of experience within this field.

Picture of Dr.Dong

Dr. Dong Wenxin studied in in Paris VI and the French Academy of Medical Sciences where she received her master degree and Ph. D in pharmacology. She now is a pharmacology researcher, doctoral tutor, Director of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Pharmacological Professional Committee and Special Allowance Recipients of the State Council. She has done the research work in pharmacological for long time and her researches are mainly related to neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular pharmacology.

She presided over the establishment of brain synaptosomes uptake of 5-HT, NA and DA research methods. This method is the leading method in China in terms of R&D of new drugs in Central Nervous System and the Pathogenesis of related diseases. She also presided over the establishment of the platform ofantidepressant drug technology research and development which is also the leading platform in China. During the same time, Dr. Dong established Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease Technology Development Platform and initially established a development platform for the new analgesic drug, new anxiolytic drugs and anti-Parkinson’s disease drug researches.

Dr. Dong is responsible for and participated in the country’s three major scientific and technology projects and three major projects of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. At the same time, she is also responsible for the completion of new drug preclinical researches and development tasks. Her works have been applied for 8 domestic invention patents and 1 PCT patent, of which 6 patents have been authorized. She has been published more than 30 articles in domestic and foreign professional journals and published 1 monograph.

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