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Analysis on the Benefits of Innovative Drug Release Technology in Drug Development

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Compared with the research and development of new entity drugs, the research and development of innovative drug preparations has the advantages of low cost, short cycle and quick effect. Preparation technology innovation, drug delivery route innovation, drug dosage form innovation, drug delivery plan innovation, and packaging innovation are all important technologies for the development of innovative drug preparations. Among them, drug release technology innovation is the frontier of drug innovation and promotes the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug release technology can improve the efficacy and safety of drugs by controlling the time, rate and location of drug release in the body.

Drug release technology

1. Innovative drug release technology can improve the release of drugs at specific sites

To put it simply, the drug release technology is to inject drugs into the human body to achieve the purpose of treatment. The localized release can increase the local therapeutic effect or increase the absorption of the drug at a specific absorption site. For example, the oral localized release system can utilize the physical and chemical properties of the preparation and the local pH of the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal enzymes, and the transport of the preparation in the gastrointestinal tract. Physiological characteristics such as mechanism, to prepare a drug delivery system that can release drugs at specific parts of the gastrointestinal tract In recent years, innovative drug formulations such as sustained and controlled release formulations and targeted formulations have been rapidly developed worldwide. Tumor release is the key to improving the therapeutic safety index; improving lung release for specific lung diseases; and intestinal tract Specific release etc.

The active ingredient of a drug is related to the safety, effectiveness and convenience of the drug. In addition, the route of administration, dosage form and technology are also closely related to the active ingredient of the drug. The quality of pharmaceutical dosage forms is also directly related to the speed and quality of medical treatment and rescue. Good pharmaceutical dosage forms can not only be stored and used conveniently, but also can maximize the efficacy of drugs and minimize adverse reactions. Medicilon provides research and development services for innovative drug formulations. According to the characteristics of the formulation, combined with the physical and chemical properties and stability of the drug, the production conditions and equipment are considered, process research is carried out, the preparation process of laboratory samples is initially determined, and the corresponding process is established Control indicators.

2. Improve patient compliance

Develop differentiated products for specific patient groups by meeting the specific needs of each group. Under normal circumstances, patients with certain diseases need to take regular doses or inject drugs, which brings a lot of pain and inconvenience to the patients. According to online reports, some researchers have developed new skin penetration methods that can release drugs into patients. Some patients with certain diseases only need to stick a drug release device like a plaster on the skin, and the drug will gradually penetrate into the patient’s body. Another example is the oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) reported on the Internet, which, in addition to the expected function of preventing the digestive system from breaking down any substances that are swallowed, can be adapted to release a wider range of drugs through the oral mucosa. , Such as vaccines and macromolecules. And when the orally disintegrating tablet is combined with taste masking, it can be taken happily without water.

3. Extend patent protection and provide competitive differentiation for drugs

Drug release technology is a strategic tool for product differentiation and product life cycle extension. The new drug release technology continuously improves the traditional absorption method of drugs through special processes, so as to achieve the purpose of improving drug efficacy, ensuring drug safety, reducing drug side effects and improving drug compliance. Compared with the long R&D cycle, high cost and high risk of brand-new drugs, the use of advanced drug release technology to develop innovative drug formulations on the basis of existing drugs has the advantages of shorter cycle, lower cost and lower risk. Moreover, it is a strategy commonly used by pharmaceutical companies to extend the patent protection of the drug by adopting better drug release technology and using its own patents for drug release technology. Novel drug delivery technology can protect or extend the product patent exclusivity. When the patent is about to expire, it can be re-innovated to further extend its life.

Innovative drug release technology has the advantages of maintaining drug levels within the treatment allowable range, reducing targeted delivery of damage to specific cells or tissues, reducing the types of drugs required, reducing drug dosages and reducing drug side effects, and promoting the administration of drugs with a shorter half-life. The advantages of medicine and economy. In short, drug release technology is the general melody of the current medical era. Whether in the development of innovative drug preparations or in the development of new entity drugs, the efficacy of new drugs needs to be guaranteed. The development of drug release technology has brought new development opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry, broadened the development space of the pharmaceutical industry, and promoted the development of the industry.

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