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BioTianfu -- Medicilon assists in the application of bio-innovative drug research

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From December 7th to 8th, 2019, the "2019 BioTianfu Tumor Immunology Industry-University-Research Fusion Innovation Summit Forum and the 20th Interferon and Cytokine Academic Annual Conference" was successfully held in Chengdu, Tianfu. The conference brought together scientific research experts and scientific talents from domestic governments, research institutes, companies, and universities to discuss new ideas and effective methods for cancer treatment from the latest developments and future trends of interferon and cytokine-related molecules, and to formulate plans for cancer in my country A leapfrog development policy in the treatment field.

2019 BioTianfu Tumor Immunology Industry-University-Research Fusion Innovation Summit Forum and the 20th Interferon and Cytokine Academic Annual Conference

In recent years, macromolecular biopharmaceuticals targeting cytokines have continuously entered people’s field of vision and brought new hope to tumor treatment. Compared with traditional chemical therapy, biological macromolecule therapy programs focus on assisting or activating the human immune system to complete the recognition and elimination of tumor cells. The development of this new type of therapy relies on the basic research of tumor immunology and the development and reserve of biomedical technology, and it is also a key subject for many companies and scientific research institutes in the industry.

Shanghai Medicilon Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of innovative drugs. In recent years, it has continuously researched and developed in the field of biomacromolecule drugs, and has completed a number of protein/antibody drug research and development and preclinical applications with customers. On December 7, the forum invited Dr. Gu Xingchu, vice president of Shanghai Medicilon’s preclinical research department, to share a report titled “Preclinical Research and IND Application Strategy for Protein/Antibody Drugs”.

Dr. Gu Xingchu delivered a speech at the forum

In the report, from the perspective of Medicilon’s pre-clinical CRO, Dr. Gu analyzed the special requirements of protein/antibody drug application from the three parts of pre-clinical drug efficacy test, pharmacokinetic test and toxicological test, and compared it with China and the United States. The policy also provided support and assistance to the enterprises in the Sino-US Shuangbao. In the end, Dr. Gu briefly introduced Medicilon’s innovative drug R&D platform, providing ideas for solving problems for innovative drug companies and scientific research units present.

Medicilon’s innovative drug R&D platform:

Medicilon Innovative Drug R&D Platform
Medicilon Innovative Drug R&D Platform

Medicilon’s business scope:

Medicilon business scope
Medicilon business scope

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