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2019 Domestic Class 1 New Drug IND Ranking

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In 2019, the development of innovative drugs is still hot, and the number of domestic Class 1 new drug INDs continues to exceed 110, reaching a new high; 8 INDs of Chia Tai Tianqing were accepted by the national CDE, ranking first among all domestic pharmaceutical companies, followed by stone Pharmaceutical Group, Guangdong Dongyang Sunshine, Jiangsu Hengrui, etc.; see this manuscript for all basic IND information and disclosures of some varieties

The whole year of 2019: the overall situation of domestically produced Class 1 new drug IND

In the whole year of 2019, domestically produced Class 1 new drugs (chemical drugs) registered and declared IND varieties> 110 (nearly 100 in 2018), and the development of innovative varieties is on the rise.

Among them, the month with the largest number of registrations in the whole year is January, a total of 16 varieties enter the IND stage, and the least month is September. There is only one domestic category 1 new drug IND (PS: to reflect the innovative water product of domestic category 1 new drug , The import IND declared by a foreign company is not included in the statistics).

The whole year of 2019: analysis of domestically produced Class 1 new drug IND companies

In terms of enterprises, CP Tianqing has a relatively large number of IND applications, with a total of 8 pieces, and the varieties are TQB3562, TQA3563, TQB3804, TQC3564, TQB3303, TQB3602 capsules, TQB3473, and TQB3728; Tianqing is for IND The information disclosed for the declared varieties is relatively small, and the specific directions and characteristics of these varieties need to be further disclosed by the company.

Immediately after CP Tianqing are CSPC Zhongqi Pharmaceutical (5 pieces), Guangdong Dongyangguang (4 pieces), Jiangsu Hengrui (4 pieces), and Suzhou Sinovi (3 pieces); the number of IND varieties is 2 Other companies include Zhejiang Tongyukang, Suzhou Kaifeng Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang Zhikang Hongren, Shanghai Tuozhen Biological, Nanjing Shenghe Pharmaceutical, CStone Pharmaceutical (Suzhou), Hangzhou Sanyintai, Guangzhou Bibate, and Guli Pharmaceutical , Fujian Guangshengtang, Beida Pharmaceutical.

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