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Reproductive Toxicity Test/Reproductive Toxicity Evaluation

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The reproductive toxicity test is divided into section I, section II, and section III reproductive toxicity test.

  • Part I reproductive toxicity test: also known as general reproductive toxicity test. The drug is administered before the animal mating, and the purpose is to evaluate whether the germ cells have any adverse effects on the conception ability, the reproductive system and the offspring after receiving the drug.

  • Part  II Reproductive Toxicity Test: Also known as teratogenic susceptibility period toxicity test. Administration during the organogenesis period aims to reveal the possible embryotoxicity and teratogenicity of the drug.


  • Part Ⅲ Reproductive toxicity test: also known as perinatal toxicity test. During the perinatal period and lactation period, the drug was administered to observe the effect of the drug on the growth and development of the fetus after birth.

Main Research Content:

Test typeAnimal speciesType of drugAdministration routeResearch content
Reproductive toxicityRatsSmall molecules, biology, natural products, vaccines, Chinese medicineOral: gavage, capsules;
Parenteral: intraperitoneal injection, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, intradermal injection, subcutaneous injection, continuous infusion, intravitreal injection;
Others: nasal feeding, nasal cavity, eyes, rectum, vagina, implantation
Ⅱ reproductive toxicity test
Reproductive Toxicity Research Service in Medicilon's Preclinical Service
Reproductive Toxicity Research Service in Medicilon’s Preclinical Service

To improve the one-stop service and refine the one-stop platform, Medicilon pursues comprehensive and accurate preclinical service goals for new drug research and development. As a branch service platform of the pre-clinical department, the reproductive toxicity research platform is led by a professional technical team led by senior domestic reproductive toxicity experts to provide customers with more accurate non-clinical reproductive toxicity evaluations, which can promote the development of new drugs more quickly and effectively.

The reproductive toxicity test cycle is long and is greatly affected by experimental animals, experimental environment, experimental operators and other factors. Therefore, professionals who are proficient in experimental principles and skilled in technical operations must correctly complete experimental operations in specific experimental environments and accurately analyze experimental results. Medicilon’s reproductive toxicity service team tries its best to avoid the influence of external factors on the objective results of the experiment, so as to accurately evaluate the toxicity characteristics of the drug in the animal body, ensure better quality reproductive toxicity services, effectively save time and cost for customers, and effectively promote research and development process.

Medicilon’s reproductive toxicity research service platform personnel are composed of a professional technical team led by senior domestic reproductive toxicity experts with 30 years of research experience; the animal laboratory was jointly established by Medicilon and MPI Research (American Toxicology Research Company) , Passed the International Laboratory Animal Evaluation and Approval (AAALAC) and reached the GLP dual standards of FDA and CFDA; the experimental instrument HamiltonThorne-TOX IVOS automatic sperm analyzer, imaging stereoscope, Leica microscope, etc. all meet the high-precision experimental requirements; rich The complete equipment of resources gives Medicilon’s reproductive toxicity research service platform a great advantage in the industry, and can better ensure the quality and efficiency of the service.

Medicilon reproductive toxicity Research services
Medicilon reproductive toxicity Research services

Medicilon implements high-standard and strict service platform systems, in the hope that every new medicine completed by Medicilon can enter the clinic more safely, and be safer in the future to market, and bring benefits to patients more safely.

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