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Medicilon will hold The Preclinical Research for New Drug & IND-Enabling Strategy Summit

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With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the continuous increase in the demand for clinical drugs in China, the new drug R&D has entered the track of the rapid development.  Under the strong supervision of policies issued by the CFDA and other departments, the innovative drugs have taken a long time and complicated procedures to undergo the structural design, discovery, preclinical research, clinical research and finally approved listing.  For most of the pharmaceutical companies, how to increase the approval rate of new drugs and how to accelerate the new drugs to enter into the clinical research stage are still the questions that need the urgent consideration and discussion.

Shanghai Medicilon Inc. will hold a special forum “Preclinical Research for New Drug & IND-Enabling Strategy Summit” during the 20th Shanghai International Forum on Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry BIO-FORUM 2018 on May 24, 2018 at Shanghai International Convention Center.  The seminar will mainly focus on the IND filing strategy.  Several industry experts and government regulatory agencies will be invited to attend the seminar to exchange their wealthy experiences such as interpreting the latest policy, sharing the strategy of IND filing experiences, exploring the current environment of new drug development and future opportunities and challenges, and promoting the healthy development of China’s new drug R&D industry.

Date & Time: 2018 May 24, 13:00-17:30

Address: Shanghai International Convention Center (2727 Binjiang Ave, Pudong, Shanghai, China)

Forum Agenda

May 24th
13:30-13:40Message from the Host: Dr. Ren Feng  VP of Chemistry, Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

Beijing Drug Evaluation Center

14:10-14:40Dr. Li Shi  

CEO, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Strategy of Vaccine Filing
14:40-15:10Dr. Xingchu Gu

VP of Preclinical Research, Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

McAb-Important Fragments, Immunogenicity and Immunotoxicity
15:25-15:55Dr. Qiang Yu

CEO, CGeneTech (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd.

Preclinical Research for Small Molecule Drug and Filing Strategy
15:55-16:25Dr. Yongxin Zhao

CEO, Hangzhou DAC Biotech Co.,Ltd

Development of New Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs) for targeted treatment of Cancer
16:25-17:30Panel Discussion

Host: Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO, Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

Panelists (By Alphabetical of Last Name):

Dr. Li Shi, Dr. Qiang Yu, Dr. Xingchu Gu, Dr. Xiaobin Zhao, Dr. Yongxin Zhao

Forum Organization

Host:  Modern Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry Office of Shanghai Municipality

Organizer:  Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development; Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

Co-Organizer:  Shanghai Biopharma Service Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Technology Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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