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Dr. Chunlin Chen was Awarded the 2021 Super CEO of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry

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On November 16, the “2021 Jiemian Health Forum” hosted by Shanghai United Media Group and Jiemian News was successfully held.  As a major part of this forum, the list of “2021 Super CEO of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry” was officially released.

Dr. Chunlin Chen, founder and CEO of Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon), stood out from the incumbent CEOs of more than 6,000 Chinese companies and was awarded the “2021 Super CEO of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry”.


“Super CEO of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry” aims to identify outstanding managers in the pharmaceutical and health industry who will lead the company to steadily grow stronger, continue to achieve financial growth, bring returns to shareholders, and take into account personal reputation.  Dr. Chen was selected as the 2021 CEO list of the pharmaceutical and health industry in Jiemian News, which is evident in his management ability.

Rooted in Shanghai, Medicilon, under the leadership of the founder & CEO Dr. Chunlin Chen, has been practicing internal skills and innovative technologies for 17 years, seizing opportunities and taking advantage of the situation, overcoming obstacles, breaking through the difficulties of R&D quality and speed, and becoming a domestic leader of one-stop preclinical CRO with 2000+ employees, 73,800+ square meters of R&D laboratories, 1100+ active clients globally, 165 drugs involved in research.

Medicilon has ushered in a period of high accumulation in the first half of 2021, Medicilon achieved operating income of RMB 485 million, an increase of 86.26% year-on-year; net profit was RMB 113 million yuan year-on-year, an increase of 142.29%; and R&D expenses of RMB RMB 34.11 million, an increase of RMB 14.48 million from the same period last year, an increase of 77.04% (data source: Medicilon’s 2021 semi-annual report).  At the same time, Medicilon established the International Discovery Service Unit, and plans to expand the CDMO service level worldwide.

This award is a high recognition of the hard work led by Dr. Chunlin Chen, and a full affirmation of the future development potential of Medicilon.  Facing the rapid development and fierce competition in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Medicilon will continue to work hard under the leadership of Dr. Chen, continue to enhance the core competitiveness of innovative drug research and development, and help the global new drug research and development dream.

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