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Medicilon successfully exhibited in the SAPA 26th Annual Conference and Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, delivered a speech

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SAPA 26th Annual Conference

Medicilon successfully exhibit in the SAPA 26th annual conference which was held in Somerest, NJ on October 5-6.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, attended the conference along with Sally Tang, the representative of Medicilon in New Jersey.

During the 1-on-1 client meetings and the booth, many companies showed interested in the services provided by Medicilon and expressed their interest in visiting the Medicilon headquarters in Shanghai for further and deeper understanding of the Medicilon’s services.

In addition, Dr. Chen was invited to attend the forum hosted by SAPA.  During the forum, Dr. Chen shared his entrepreneurial stories and experience with the other 9 CEOs from the pharmaceutical industry in China and US.  They focused and had in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities of the pharmaceutical industry for now and future.

Moreover, the CEOs expressed their views on the advantages and the needs of improvement in the development of pharmaceutical services in China.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, indicated that China still has a long way to go in the quality of GLP experiments.  It is necessary to accumulate experience to improve the quality of experiments to meet the requirements of the GLP experiments.

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