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Medicilon Successfully Hosted a CFDA IND Seminar in Seoul, South Korea

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CFDA IND Seminar

On March 18, Medicilon hosted a CFDA IND seminar with Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (KPMA) in Seoul, South Korea.  The seminar’s topic was “Experience Sharing and Exchange on CFDA’s IND Application and Drug Development Collaboration”

There were more than 50 companies with about 130 pharmaceutical experts and scientists to attend this seminar.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, Medicilon’s CEO, shared his experience on CFDA IND filing, to the Korean clients.  Dr. Chen explained clearly about the process of IND filing in China during the presentation.  After the presentation, the experts and scientists showed strong interested in the Medicilon’s IND services and had a further discussion on the possibilities of collaboration with Medicilon.

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