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CRO joins with technical companies to promote the transformation of innovative drug research and development, Medicilon and SciMatchmaker reached a strategic collaboration

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Recently, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) and SciMatchmaker reached a strategic collaboration.  The two parties have reached an agreement on collaboration in new drug research and development and resource sharing.  The joint advantages of the two sides complement each other.   Through continuous in-depth collaboration, they will open up new project potentials in new areas.  Through powerful system transformation services and proof-of-concept technologies to jointly promote the transformation from "science" to "technology", especially the industrialization of major basic research results, both parties will jointly assist in the verification, transformation, promotion and application of early scientific research results, and actively promote a deeply integrated technological innovation system.

Medicilon and SciMatchmaker reached a strategic collaboration.webpSciMatchmaker is committed to establish an all-ecological platform for the transfer and transformation of innovative medical scientific and technological achievements with technical managers as the core, to focus on global cutting-edge medical technology, and to provide an overall value solution for the transfer and transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements.  The support of technical managers will accelerate the transformation and application of cutting-edge technologies, shorten the research and development cycle of early-stage drugs, strengthen the high-quality collaborative innovation of universities, institutions, industries, and investment, and implement the transfer and transformation of achievements.  Medicilon, as a biopharmaceutical preclinical comprehensive R&D service CRO, is an indispensable support for innovative drugs, which can provide services such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, and preclinical research to help global new drug development be efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective.  Medicilon always focus on the needs of the innovation and development of the global pharmaceutical industry, continues to deepen the key links of innovative drug R&D, provides a full range of new drug preclinical research and development services for the global biopharmaceutical industry, and continues to promote the implementation of innovative drug research and development results.

Medicilon and SciMatchmaker.webp

Accelerating and improving the quality of innovative drug research and development

With the help of a common vision, Medicilon and SciMatchmaker have initiated IND studies of 4 new drugs within two years, and 2 of them have achieved dual filing and approval in China and the United States.  The two parties will take this collaboration as an opportunity to work together on services such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, preclinical research, and comprehensive project empowerment for early innovative drug R&D, relying on Medicilon's one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform.  Medicilon helps start-up biopharmaceutical companies in the first mile of early stage of R&D, and accelerate the target selection and verification of innovative drugs.  In this way, it can save costs, improve efficiency, reduce research and development risks for bio-innovative drug companies, and achieve win-win collaboration in the field of pharmaceutical innovation.

Medicilon and SciMatchmaker sign a strategic collaboration.webp

Through this strategic collaboration, Medicilon will strengthen its technical layout in early innovative drug services, and will assist SciMatchmaker to complete at least 10 new drug IND research and application.  Both parties will work together to help the development of biopharmaceutical in Shanghai to open up a new situation.

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