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Medicilon Flow Cytometry Technology Platform

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Flow Cytometry is a modern multi-parameter cell analysis technology that can detect single particles at high speed, accurately and objectively.  At present, in the early stage of drug development, especially for anti-tumor drugs, complex cell analysis through flow multicolor detection technology can provide scientific researchers with maximum effective data.

Flow cytometry technology has obvious advantages in the early research of anti-tumor drugs:

  • In the innovative research of combination of therapeutic targets and drugs, it could help researchers to show the differences in biological effects between different individuals in the preliminary work of drug development, so as to further clarify the mechanism of effectiveness;

  • To help researchers perform high-throughput and robust quantitative analysis of the tumor’s “microenvironment”, peripheral blood and the immune system in other host tissues, to achieve the goal of more clearly predicting the efficacy of immunotherapy, and to help the large-scale immunotherapy methods development.

Medicilon’s streaming technology platform is committed to exploring and insight into the progress of tumor immune targeted therapy drugs, and providing accurate and reliable test prediction data in the early development stage.  Our team has rich experience in experimental operation, streaming method development and data analysis, and every scientists could be independently responsible for the project.  The platform is equipped with powerful flow cytometers of different brands such as BD and Bio-Rad. The newly introduced high-parameter BD FACSymphony A5 flow cytometer is equipped with five lasers and 30 parameters, which can enable up to 28 colors at the same time to meet clients’ special scientific research and analysis needs.


  • Development Methodolgy and Sample Testing

Medicilon’s flow cytometry platform has experience in the development and sample detection of flow cytometry methods for mouse, rat, dog, monkey, human and other species, as well as animal models of immunodeficiency, genetic modification, and humanization.  Medicilon also has experience in processing various samples of peripheral blood, spleen, lymph node, bone marrow, tumor, liver, lung and others.

  • Cellular Immunophenotype Analysis

Established a basic analysis program (T, B, NK cells) to a complex detection analysis program (regulatory T cells, myeloid cell analysis, stem cell differentiation, etc.), involving cell surface proteins, intracellular/nuclear proteins detection (Transcription factors / Chemokines / Cytokines, etc.), which can meet the needs of clients for detection and analysis;

  • Multi-Cytokine Detection

Medicilon’s flow platform provides high-parameter cytokine detection services using flow CBA, Bio-Plex 200 suspension chip technology.  Only a small amount of sample is required for each test, with strong test specificity, good stability and high repeatability;

Antibody Drug Receptor Occupancy Rate (RO) Project

Since 2017, a number of clinical/preclinical RO tests have been completed, involving the detection of many different targets such as PD-1, CD20, CD47 and TIGIT;

  • Biological Analysis of New Immune Cell Drugs

Including stem cells, CAR-T cells and CAR-NK cells and other cell therapy products.

Examples of flow cytometric detection of cynomolgus monkey cell subpopulations
Examples of flow cytometric detection of mouse NK and T cell subsets
Examples of flow cytometric detection of mouse NK and T cell subsets
Examples of flow cytometric detection of mouse NK and T cell subsets
BD FACSymphony A5 Flow Cytometer
BD FACSymphony A5 Flow Cytometer
  • With 5 lasers, 28 channels configuration

  • Utilize the total reflection optical path structure design to avoid the loss of optical signal in the transmission process, improve the sensitivity of analysis, and be able to identify and analyze rare cell types and conditions

  • The most advanced revolutionary streaming product,which could acquire and analyze the big data of the immue system and provide a platform for exploring unknown immunoomics

BD FACSCelesta Flow Cytometer
BD FACSCelesta Flow Cytometer

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