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Medicilon Preclinical Research-Pharmacodynamics Department

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Medicilon online lesson will start soon! [Cloud File] series will introduce the lecturer’s research field and related information in detail. Today, let us approach Dr. Dong Wenxin and Medicilon Pharmacodynamics Department!

Professionals make professional things

Medicilon’s Pharmacodynamics Department is a high-quality professional team with deep professional theoretical knowledge and years of experimental experience. The team has nearly 30% of employees with master’s, doctoral and above degrees. Dr. Dong Wenxin, Executive Director of the Department of Pharmacodynamics, has studied at the six major medical schools in Paris and the French National Academy of Medical Sciences, and obtained a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in pharmacology. He has been engaged in pharmacological research and new drug research and development for decades, especially in the field of neuropsychopharmacological research. And rich experience. He once presided over the establishment of a technological platform for the development of new antidepressant and anti-Alzheimer’s drugs pharmacology and efficacy research and development technology platforms, and established a pharmacological efficacy research and development technology platform for new analgesic drugs, anti-anxiety new drugs, and new anti-Parkinson’s drugs. He also has extensive experience in drug efficacy evaluation in other fields. He has won special allowances from the State Council and obtained 10 authorized patents. He has completed preclinical research tasks for dozens of new drugs. Trained many doctors, masters and post-doctors.
Relying on the team’s rich experience, superb technology, skilled operation, and strict control and careful observation of every project and every link, we can ensure the high-quality completion of the project and gain high praise from customers.

Medicilon is one of the few companies with isotope licenses in China. It is located in Zhangjiang Pharmacodynamics Department. It has the ability to analyze the isotope pharmacokinetics of innovative drugs, and has served many pharmaceutical companies in the development and listing of new drugs. We will build a domestic first-class integrated service platform integrating isotope synthesis, labeling, inspection and analysis, and provide comprehensive technical support for the research and development of new drugs for antibodies and vaccines.

Complete pharmacodynamic animal model library

Medicilon’s Pharmacodynamics Department is located in Zhangjiang Medicine Valley, which has an SPF animal room that meets international standards. After 16 years of precipitation and accumulation, more than 100 animal models have been established. Medicilon’s pharmacodynamic animal model was developed under the cooperation of Medicilon and MPI Research and passed AAALAC certification and conformed to the multinational GLP standard animal room environment. After that, it has been verified by various parties under the independent leadership of Medicilon’s expert team. Tested, the number and category of completion have been steadily increasing year by year. So far, it has been highly recognized by many customers in the industry, forming a complete pharmacodynamic animal model library.
Complete pharmacodynamic animal model library

Comprehensive efficacy evaluation system

The efficacy evaluation system of Medicilon Pharmacodynamics Department covers neuropsychiatric diseases, inflammation and immune system diseases, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular & hematological diseases, digestive system and other diseases, and focuses on current hot spots such as NASH and Al For diseases such as Zheimer’s disease, inflammation and immunity, Medicilon’s Pharmacodynamics Department has rich experience and effective animal models in the evaluation of new drugs, which can meet the development needs of different types of new drugs of customers.
In the field of neuropsychiatric system diseases, Medicilon Pharmacodynamics Department has established covering antidepressants, anti-alzheimer’s drugs, sedative hypnotic anxiolytics, analgesics, anticonvulsants, anti-Parkinson’s drugs and antipsychotics The evaluation technology of schizophrenia drugs and many other diseases and mental system disease models can comprehensively evaluate a class of innovative drugs from multiple levels such as molecular level, cellular level, Ex-vivo, and invivo. The advanced CognitionWall Discrimination learning memory function tracking test system of the Department of Pharmacodynamics, 24h continuous tracking test, can effectively determine the memory function changes of Alzheimer’s double genetically modified mice that are still in the early stage of the disease, and exclude Morris water maze stress interference and short-term testing disadvantages.
In the field of inflammation and immune system diseases, Medicilon’s efficacy evaluation system includes models and evaluation methods for immune arthritis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, ulcerative colitis, and various acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. Especially for the recent research and development of new drugs focusing on some specific immune targets on the inflammatory pathway (such as JAK/STAT pathway, IL-23 pathway, etc.), they all have mature and stable evaluation methods, and have also tested many Chinese and foreign drugs. The innovative drugs of enterprises and research institutes have been effectively evaluated and received high praise.
In the field of metabolic diseases, Medicilon Pharmacodynamics Department has dozens of stable and effective animal models, especially for NAFLD disease, which lacks effective drug treatment in clinical practice and has a lot of experience and effective animal models in the field of NAFLD disease, including high Golden hamster and rat model induced by fat feeding, mouse model induced by MCD feed, etc. And it has effective evaluation models for NAFLD fibrosis stage, including: compound factor method induced rat liver fibrosis model (rat), ConA-induced mouse liver fibrosis (mouse), pig serum-induced immune rat liver Fibrosis model (rat), etc.


About Medicilon

Medicilon (stock code: 688202) is a drug development outsourcing service company (CRO). Founded on February 2, 2004, the company has gone through 16 years and established a company in Shanghai that integrates compound synthesis, compound activity screening, structural biology, pharmacodynamic evaluation, pharmacokinetic evaluation, toxicology evaluation, and formulation research A comprehensive technical service platform that conforms to international standards and is integrated with new drug registration, and has been recognized by the international drug management department. Medicipua’s animal laboratory facilities have obtained AAALAC (International Association for Animal Evaluation and Certification) certification and National Medical Products Administration NMPA GLP certification, and have reached the US Food and Drug Administration GLP standard.

Medicilon has a wealth of experience in global cooperation. Since 2015, Medicilon has served more than 500 active customers worldwide. It has served many global pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche Pharmaceuticals, etc. R&D outsourcing services are provided by well-known domestic and foreign customers such as Swiss Medicine, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, CSPC, Huahai Pharmaceutical, and Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical.

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