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AI Empowers the Development of Innovative Tumor Drugs! Medicilon and MindRank Reached a Strategic Cooperation

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On October 21, 2021, Shanghai Medicilon and Hangzhou MindRank signed a strategic agreement in Chuansha Park of Medicilon.

Medicilon and MindRank Reached a Strategic Cooperation.webp

Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO of Medicilon, Xuedong Dai, EVP of International R&D, Jinna Cai, Vice President of Business Development Department, Mingying Wang, Senior Director of Business Development Department, Zhangming Niu, Founder & CEO of MindRank, Long  Zhang, Executive Vice President, and Qingzhen Yang, Deputy Director, Senior Medicinal Chemistry Scientist Wenxing Lu, Project Manager Xiaoyu Wang attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing together.

Medicilon has advanced PROTAC drug discovery and preclinical research technology and global operation experience, while MindRank has Molecule Dance™️ and Molecule Pro™️ artificial intelligence drug research and development platforms. In this cooperation, based on the resources and advantages in drug research and development and artificial intelligence, the two parties will provide more accurate, economical and efficient services for the research and development of First-in-class innovative drugs in the field of tumors.

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