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Medicilon – Extraordinary "2 0 1 9”

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In 2019, Medicilon has had an extraordinary year. The steadily developing Medicilon made a huge accumulation in 2019 and achieved a qualitative leap.  Let us look back on the moments of glory and Extraordinary “2 0 1 9”.

2 – Double Happiness

I Listed on Sci-Tech Innovation Board in Shanghai
On Nov. 5th 2019, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) announced an IPO on Sci-Tech Innovation Board at Shanghai Stock Market, abbreviated as “美迪西”, coded as “688202”.

Speech by Dr. Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO of Medicilon, during the Listing Ceremony

II 15th Anniversary Events
In 2019, Medicilon held a series of 15th anniversary seminars in different cities of China and United States such as Shanghai and Boston, which attracted more than 2,000 attendees from the pharmaceutical industry to attend.

0 – Medicilon passed GLP and AAALAC reviews with ZERO problem

In January 2019, the NMPA conducted regular inspections of Medicilon’s implementation of GLP. The inspection results showed that the organization and management of pharmaceutical safety evaluation, personnel, equipment and experimental materials, standard operating procedures and trial of Medicilon operations met the GLP requirements and standard.

On November 1, 2019, the AAALAC formally wrote to Medicilon that Medicilon was fully certified by the AAALAC. Since the first passing of the certification in 2009, Medicilon has passed three consecutive certification reviews.

1 – One-stop service CRO helps to obtain clinical approval for 10 IND projects

In 2019, Medicilon helped several pharmaceutical companies to successfully declare 10 new drugs for IND and obtained clinical approval. Of the 10 new drugs, 7 are chemical drugs and 3 are biological drugs.  The customized one-stop R&D services from Medicilon help clients to speed up the new drug development with high quality and standard.

9 – Nine Research Areas

I Drug Discovery – Synthetic Chemistry
Our Lab of Chemistry Department expanded to Nanhui Park in 2019.

II Drug Discovery – Innovative Drug Molecular Design
We have rich experience and technical support in molecular design of innovative drugs.  We also have a large FTE team to complete the customized design services for our clients.

III Drug Discovery – Drug Screening
Structural Biology Department has completed several drug screening projects in 2019.

IV Pharmaceutical Research – API
We have completed the construction of the GMP system and the production of 6 GMP projects in 2019.

V Pharmaceutical Research – Preparations
The formulation department has helped 4 projects to successfully obtained approval for consistency evaluation in 2019.

VI Preclinical Studies – Pharmacodynamics
The Pharmacodynamics Department has established more than 200 tumor models and nearly 100 non-tumor target new drug research and evaluation animal models.

VII Preclinical Studies – Pharmacokinetics
The DMPK Department helped the clients to complete several ADC, peptide and other biological macromolecule analysis projects.  We also comprehensively provided clinical analysis services.

VIII Preclinical Studies – Drug Safety
In 2019, we established and improved the integrated safety assessment technology platform for ophthalmic drugs and inhaled drugs.  We also successfully launched carcinogenic toxicity and stage III reproductive toxicity simulation tests.  The data of the tests could support clinical trials at different stages.

IX Preclinical Application of IND New Drug
According to the needs of clients, we can provide one-stop preclinical research services, which comply with both China and International IND standards and requirement.

2019 Medicilon Glory Archive

1. China Business Network awarded Medicilon the Most Growing Enterprise “China Innovation Award”.
2. Medicilon was evaluated as an excellent academician expert workstation.
3. Zhangjiang Group awarded Medicilon the Annual Influential Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise.
4. Shanghai Customs Innovation Demonstration Point, which could enjoy Free Trade Zone Treatment.
5. The Department of Pharmacokinetics and Biological Analysis Passed Proficiency Test by Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine.
6. The Clinic Pathology Office was awarded the Interim Quality Evaluation Certificate of Shanghai Centre for Clinical Laboratory.
7. Re-examined Through Specialization; R&D Institutions in Key New Areas.
8. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park awarded Medicilon the “2019 Listed Outstanding Enterprise Award”.


At the height of 2019, we look forward to the future. In 2020, Medicilon will embark on a new journey and sail to a new distance.  The second phase of Nanhui Park was officially launched.  Medicilon was fully preparing to apply for OECD GLP and Reagent Library Platform of Chemistry Department was established.  In 2020, Medicilon is destined to be a more exciting year.  We will continue to maintain our original intention which are pursue excellence, continue to innovate and adhere to the front line of new drug development!

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