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Molecular Biology Services from Medicilon

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Molecular biology is the science of studying the structure and function of biological macromolecules from the molecular level to elucidate the nature of life phenomena. Since the 1950s, molecular biology is the frontier and growth point of biology, and its main research areas include protein system, protein – nucleic acid system and protein – lipid system (biofilm).

At the molecular level, molecular biology focuses on macromolecules, mainly including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and some polysaccharides and their complex systems. The main purpose of molecular biology research is to clarify the basic characteristics of the whole biological community, that is, the essence of life phenomenon at the molecular level.

Molecular Biology Services

The main objective of Medicilon’s biomedical is to provide services and technical support for researchers to address research issues related to molecular biology. Strengthen the planning and maintenance of public equipment to provide scientific research work required for valuable equipment, special equipment and complex equipment technical services; at the same time with the function of both personnel training and new equipment display and new technology promotion.

Service Items:

Ordinary PCR Technology Services


1) Design specific primers based on gene sequences

2) Extraction of DNA
3) PCR, experimental analysis
4) Provide a complete experimental report (including electrophoresis) and primers and other experimental materials


Plasmid and Yeast Transformation Services:

Yeast Transformation: Please provide digestive digestion of good linear DNA (purified), shock cells, plate. Submission of results: coated flat (according to your request to choose the amount of coating).

Plasmid Transformation: Please provide the plasmid, and the size of the plasmid, concentration, resistance and copy number and other background information, it is best to provide plasmid map. Submission of results: coated flat.

Recombinant Protein: Escherichia Coli Expression System:

Construct the expression vector according to the customer’s requirements and sequencing the correct sequence.

Transform the target strain, to screen the positive clones and induce the expression of the target protein according to the induced expression procedure.

Protein expression was confirmed by protein electrophoresis and Weston blot (provided by the client) and labeled for the presence of recombinant proteins. Inclusion complexes (such as the presence of recombinant proteins in inclusion bodies) and column chromatography to purify small amounts of recombinant proteins.

Other services are: gene cloning technology, sub cloning services, new gene cloning;

Plasmid Extraction: common plasmid, ultra-pure plasmid, no endotoxin plasmid and molecular hybridization services: in situ hybridization, dot blots hybridization, Southern hybridization and Northern hybridization.

Molecular biology technology is a powerful tool for life science research and one of the main means of modern drug research. Although molecular biology technology has been widely used, the result is relatively unstable, which is greatly consuming the energy and time of researchers.

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Medicilon’s Molecular Biology Services

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