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Biacore Analysis of Medicilon

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As a high-throughput test system, Biacore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short period of time.
Biacore™ 8K can complete the screening, affinity and kinetic characterization of small molecule compound drugs and biotherapeutics at the speed you dream of, and provide the high-quality data you expect.

As a new generation of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) system, Biacore™8K’s new 8-pin injection design can detect 8 different samples in parallel and quickly obtain kinetics and affinity data, compared to traditional single-needle systems , The detection speed is increased by up to 8 times. Even for complex targets or new drugs such as bispecific antibodies, Biacore™ 8K multi-channel detection throughput, convenient and flexible method design, can greatly improve the efficiency of drug screening and accurate characterization, and greatly reduce the detection time.

Biacore analysis
Biacore Analysis of Medicilon

The ultra-high sensitivity of Biacore™ 8K facilitates the detection of low-abundance and high-sensitivity protein complex targets such as GPCRs. GPCRs usually retain only a small part of their biological activity during the entire analysis process. Biacore8K can directly capture and detect crude samples such as cell membranes without the need to purify the samples, thereby effectively avoiding unnecessary processing that may affect the biological activity of the samples.

High sensitivity also makes it possible to analyze ultra-low molecular weight organic compounds and even low-affinity detection (KD in the millimolar level), which is very critical for the screening of small molecule fragments.

Biacore™ 8K can accurately detect and distinguish fast-binding samples, which is very important in the biological research of drug efficacy.

Biacore Analysis of Medicilon

Medicilon’s biological department is equipped with advanced instruments Biacore 8K and experienced team to help you complete the SPR test. The Biacore test can be used for small molecule drug screening, body function evaluation, biomacromolecule force, and other tests. As a high-throughput test system, BIAcore 8K can help customers analyze a large number of samples in a short period of time. As the company’s demand for SPR testing services continues to increase, costs are correspondingly reduced.

Medicilon now launches SPR test sample group special activities to ensure efficient and rapid completion of test services, while reducing test costs for customers.

  •      ❖Introduction to SPR Technology

SPR, surface plasmon resonance, reveal the interactions between proteins and other biomolecules through physical optical effects, to help customers understand molecular functions and screen effective molecules. It can replace and is superior to tests such as WB/Elisa/CO-IP-/Pull-down/ChIP/EMSA/FRET/Yeast two-hybrid.

  •      ❖ Application Range

Small molecule drug screening, body function evaluation, biological macromolecule force detection, other tests

  •      ❖Detection Indicator

Binding specificity analysis Kinetic analysis Concentration analysis Affinity analysis

  •      ❖ Biacore 8K

  1. 1. Integration: From screening to characterization, an integrated solution.

  2. 2. High throughput: at least 2300 samples can be screened in one day, and 64 pairs of kinetic characterization can be completed in 5 hours.

  3. 3. High sensitivity: Even for small molecules or complex targets, high-quality data can be obtained, and the dissociation rate of ultra-high affinity molecules can be accurately characterized.

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