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High Throughput Screening in Drug Discovery Services

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High Throughput Screening (HTS) is a popular approach to target validation as it allows the assaying of a large number of potential biological modulators against a chosen set of defined targets.

high throughput screening companies

For more than 12 years, Medicilon has been providing chemical compounds to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for drug discovery. Our screening capacity currently allows full evaluation of a maximum of several tens of compounds on several hundreds of HSEs. Compounds may range from cosmetic anti-ageing or pigmentation modulating compounds to pharmaceutical skin cancer-targeted drugs, anti-infective compounds, wound healing promoters and active food ingredients.

Based on these bioassays, Medicilon provides an efficient, economical and systematic one-stop screening platform to fulfill the clients’ need of drug discovery and development.

Medicilon’s High Throughput Screening Services:


  • GLP facility established in 2006 with over 180 experienced scientists

  • Data accepted by worldwide health authorities

  • Operation in Shanghai for global support

  • US FDA inspected and CFDA member GLP-certified

State-of-the-Art Equipment 

  • Gyrolab XP

  • MSD Sector Imager 6000

  • Luminex 200

  • MoleculeDevices M2/M5 reader

  • API 4000/5000/5500 LC/MS/MS

  • Waters UPLC/Agilent HPLC/Shimadzu HPLC/Leap CTC autosampler

  • Tecan EVO automated ELISA workstation

  • Hamilton Microlab Star workstation

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LC/MS/MS Method Development & Validation 

  • Development/transfer and optimization of methods for quantitation of drug substances in biological matrices

  • Over hundreds of non-proprietary method validated and available for use

  • Quick validation in Medicilon’s lab to support a potential study

Immunoassay Method Development & Validation 

  • Immunogen preparation

  • Antibody production and labeling

  • Assay development/transfer and validation

Quality Control

Before a compound is added to the specs repository, the compound must meet strict analytical criteria. At the Medicilon lab, all compounds are subjected to LC/MS and 1H-NMR analysis. The chemical structure is confirmed and the purity must be at least 90%. Most compounds though have a purity higher than 95%.  Our services enable your organization to:
1. Speed up your drug development without the burden of increased staff and equipment.
2. Choose better drug candidates for further development.
3. Determine specificity of the lead candidates against a wide range of epigenetic targets.

4. Validate lead candidates in a rapid, reliable, and high throughput assay format.

Our two solid screening assay systems enable drug candidates to be tested in situ and in vitro with a single dose for hits or multiple doses for half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50s).


Compounds can be supplied in customer preferred material. The screening compounds can also be delivered in mass or molar quantities, in DMSO solution or dry film.

Although there are a variety of biochemical and biological assays, only a subset is amenable to HTS. Only a limited number of HTS campaigns per year are available through the Access to Technologies program. The Medicilon selection process includes a review of various criteria, such as assays that are amenable to automation and research programs that may have significant impact on the scientific community.


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Tips : Above is part of high throughput screening,high throughput drug screening,high throughput screening in drug discovery and high throughput assay. You can also CONTACT US with any question or enquiry you may have. We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and design an appropriate plan of action.

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