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Cell Viability Assay

Cell Viability Assay

In vitro biological activity detection is a mandatory item for clinical application of biological products, with high requirements for method development, personnel operation stability, and laboratory compliance management. Medicilon's cell viability assay platform can provide compliant in vitro cell viability detection services that meet the application requirements. Our high-level scientific research team can assist customers in participating in new drug development and exploring drug action mechanisms, while our high-throughput screening platform can help customers conduct efficient drug screening.
Empowering new drug development
  • Wide variety
    Medicilon offers over 400 kinds of cell models, providing detection services and functional assay services for various signal pathways.
  • Various Methods
    Cell viability assaysReporter gene assaysTR-FRETFACSRadioactive assaysmRNA and protein expression level detection
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  • Sample provision
    Customers only need to provide compounds of the target point to be tested, and we will arrange corresponding detection services and provide professional analysis reports (specific experimental cycle depends on the experiment content).
Test Content
Test items
Test content
Antibody-Mediated Immune Cell Functional Assay
ADCC, CDC, ADCP and ADC inernalization assay.
Cell Viability Assay
Cell proliferation, growth inhibition, cytotoxicity
Cell-based radiometric assay
Isotope-based binding, uptake and proliferation assays.(H3,P32,S35,I125,C14)
Cytokine release, Necroptosis assay
FACS assay
T cell/B cell activation and proliferation assay, T cell killing, Binding/Blocking assay, cell cycle analysis, signaling pathway activation.
GPCR assay
GLP-1R/GCGR/GIPR/GLP-2R, HTRF/Reproter Assay/Calcium Influx
Immunoblot Analysis
Protein Phosphorylation/Degradation
In cell Western
Quantification of intracellular signaling in whole cells, IKZF1/3 degradation
Migration assay
Reporter assay
NanoBiT, NanoBRET,luciferase, GFP, β-gal, β-lac
mRNA expression quantification
Inquire for Cell Viability Assay

We will perform services strictly in accordance with the confidentiality contract signed with our customers.

Relevant customized services shall be evaluated to determine the corresponding program and price.

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Relevant laboratories
  • Bio-Plex-200
  • bioreactor
  • Ultrasonic liquid cell crusher
  • Biacore 8K
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