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In Vitro Enzyme Activity Assay

In Vitro Enzyme Activity Assay

Kinases play extensive and important roles in signal transduction and co-ordination of complex functions. Currently, about 300 kinase inhibitors have been approved for marketing, among which receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) inhibitors are the main ones. Medicilon provides high-quality kinase profile screening and has one-stop kinase research services from assay development, high-throughput screening to selectivity analysis. In addition, Medicilon provides many other enzyme activity screens.
  • Wide Variety
    Provides 200+ in vitro enzymatic detection methods;100+ kinases, including CTK, RTK, AGC, CMGC and other kinase families as well as important common mutations
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  • Project Flexibility
    Various types of plates for screening, such as 96 and 384;Multiple flexible kinase profiles, including TK kinase family, CDK kinase family, etc., to meet different customer customization needs.
  • Various Methods
    Fluorescence detection;Chemiluminescence detection;Absorbance detectionLanthaScreen/AlphaScreen;Z‘-LYTE,HTRFTR-FRET/FP;Kinase-Glo;ADP-Glo kinase assay, etc.
  • Fast Delivery
    Provides compounds to be tested, 2-5 mg each, Medicilon will arrange corresponding screening and detection services, and finally provide a professional analysis report;Screening cycle: 1-2 weeks, reporting cycle: 1-3 working days (the specific time depends on the experimental content).
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Relevant customized services shall be evaluated to determine the corresponding program and price.

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