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Medicilon’s Recombinant Protein Expression Services

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Medicilon has years of experience coupled with a skilled team of scientists to work with you in developing your Protein Expression Services.  We offer protein expression services for E. coli Expression, Yeast Expression, Baculovirus Expression and Mammalian Expression.  Through our protein expression services, you have access to all of the high-quality reagents and technologies in our extensive portfolio. Our dedicated team of scientists is available to assist with experimental design and will work with you to help ensure that the needs of your project are satisfied.

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E. coli Expression Services

Low cost, fast turn-around, high yield, scalable.

E. coli expression system is the earliest developed and most widely used gene expression system.  In recent decades, E.coli expression system has been popularly used and developed for producing a wide variety of different types of proteins. Compared with other expression systems, E. coli is a well-established host with the advantages of short culturing time, easy genetic manipulation and low cost media.

Medicilon’s researchers established a well-developed E. coli expression and purification services platform, which offers the expression and purification services of a variety of recombinant proteins, with a fast turn-around time and competitive pricing.


  • Generation of Recombinant Plasmid

  • Expression Test in Host

  • Soluble Expression Test

  • Small Scale Expression and Purification (2L Cell Culture)

  • Scale Up Expression and Purification

E. coli Expression

Yeast Expression Services

Eukaryotic expression for secreted and intracellular proteins.

Yeast expression system contains the advantages of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic system, such as easy scaling up, high expression level, proper protein folding, fast growth rate and low cost, which makes them widely used in industry and research field.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris are commonly used expression strain.  Pichia pastoris is more popular, especially in the large-scale production of eukaryotic recombinant proteins, due to the fast growth rate, multiple commercial expression vectors and high efficiency of secretion expression.

Medicilon provides a well-developed yeast expression and purification services, including the mini-scale and large scale expression and purification of recombinant protein in Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


  • Recombinant Plasmid Generation for Yeast Expression

  • Transformation of Linear Construct

  • Verification of Positive Transformants by PCR and Western Blot Method

  • Small Scale Expression and Purification (2L cell culture)

  • Scale Up Expression and Purification of Recombinant Protein (10L or more)

Mammalian Cell Expression Services

Expression of proteins requiring post-translational modifications.


Baculovirus Expression Services

Baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is a power system to produce a variety of prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein.  It is also an efficient tool for preparing vaccines.

The system could effectively produce high yield target protein with proper folding and post-translation modifications in an intracellular or secretion expression means.

Medicilon’s researchers establish a well-developed baculovirus-insect cell expression services platform. MedicilonWe provide the expression and purification services on preparation of recombinant baculovirus and recombinant protein. We have a good track record in producing kinase and recombinant protein complexes.


  • Generation of recombinant Bacmid DNA

  • Preparation of recombinant baculovirus

  • Titration of baculovirus

  • Protein expression verification and optimization

  • Small scale expression and purification of recombinant protein in insect cell

  • Scale up expression and purification of recombinant protein in insect cell

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Tel:  86 021 58591500

Above is about Protein Expression Services and Protein Expression Companies.Contact us to discuss your needs for Customized Protein Expression Services.

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