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Preclinical research
Syngeneic Mouse Models
The syngeneic mouse model tests the ability of model animals to fight cancer with their perfect immune system, as well as the therapeutic effects of immunotherapy. We can provide various syngeneic models to test the effectiveness of drugs according to our clients’ requirements. Typical orthotopic diseases include breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), etc., with mice, rats and hamsters as test subjects.
Model Type
                     Cancer Type                    Cell Lines
Bladder CancerMB49
Breast Cancer4T1, EMT6, JC,EO771(ATCC)
Colon CancerCT26.WT, MC-38, Colon26
LeukemiaC1498, L1210, WEHI-3
Liver cancerH22, Hepa 1-6,H22-Luc
Lung CancerLLC1, KLN205
LymphomaA20, EL4,  L5178-R, E.G7-OVA
MelanomaB16-F10, Clone-M3
Pancreas CancerPanc 02
Renal CancerRENCA
  • Classification of immune cells in model blood by flow cytometry (FCM).png
  • Detection of efficacy of PD-1 drugs by syngeneic mouse models.png
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